My Wish & Gift Lists

 It is hard to believe but gifts have not always been part of my life, but, I adore receiving gift list tributes! Small tokens, expensive equipment, it all gains the same reaction! Because of this I get very excited when given a present and appreciate every one, no matter how large or small. Something so many of my devotees have delighted in seeing!

Most people assume I must get 100’s of presents as a Mistress but this is not actually the case so do bring me something, no matter what it might be, to brighten my day. The smallest effort to show your appreciation no matter where you are based, or whether you are able to serve me in person or not!

It will show me your true devotion, the appreciation you have of me, your respect, and it will assist in showing me your ability to serve well. You will know you are pleasing me, and making my life more enjoyable and fulfilling. In return you can know you are serving in an additional way, and proving you are not just interested in what you can gain from my attention. 

Such acts bring us closer to gaining a deeper bond, and shows me what you are made of, maybe even leading up to collaring.

Amazon Wish Lists

I have taken time considering what items I would like so anything from these lists is a perfect choice for me.

However, you do not have to choose from my suggestions, if you have something in mind that you think I will like – take the risk, I particularly enjoy those who can think for themselves and always appreciate the affort.

I do ask no that you do not bring me chocolate or alcohol please! 

Simply browse the list that interests you and purchase the item, my address is listed with Amazon gift registry so the gift will be sent direct to me!