Tributes For Sessions With Miss Cameo

I am based in a domestic setting. I have available to use the lounge (default room), dressing room, kitchen, and bathroom. My availability is from 1pm until 8pm though later bookings may be considered.

I also offer sessions of over 4 hours, up to and including prolonged, extended and overnight stays, at my domestic venue. 

Deposits are required for all bookings and are not refundable if a session is cancelled. I accept a few different ways for you to pay your deposit, please contact me to find out these methods.

Check the activities page, and also the rules page for important information.

Miss Cameo UK Mistress
Miss Cameo Domestic Discipline

Available equipment & toys

In this venue I have available a tattoo chair which can be converted into many positions from sitting to laying flat whether that be face up or face down. I also have a two-seat sofa to bend you over in various positions.

I have a large collection of impact implements such as crops, canes, floggers, various thin wooden paddles, rubber bat, genuine tawse, slipper, plimsoll, leather paddles, and so much more! 

I also have a large array of toys for bondage, electro play,  NT, CBT, lotions and potions, mummification, sensory deprivation, tie and tease, sensation play, needle play, and much more!

Tributes & deposits for domestic sessions

30 minutes

Tribute £65

Deposit £35

45 minutes

Tribute £85

Deposit £45

1 hour

Tribute £125

Deposit £55

1.5 hours

Tribute £180

Deposit £80

2 hours

Tribute £250

Deposit £100

3 hours

Tribute £325

Deposit £125

4 hours

Tribute £450

Deposit £200

5 hours

Tribute £575

Deposit £275

Full day servitude

Tribute £850

Deposit £450

24 hours including overnight

Tribute £1500

Deposit £750