Tribute Miss Cameo

Tributes & Contributions

I am quite aware that subs and slaves are often unable to serve in any capacity, even online or remotely is impossible for them. 

It must be frustrating to have the need to submit and be unable to.

There are ways to show your submission and your devotion. You can even help make my life more enjoyable and easier. 

Whilst I do not believe in FinDom, I do allow acts of contribution. In return you get to fill the void of service and earn my gratitude and ongoing contact.

I have some ways in which you can serve without needing to lose time or find time. 

The list below features some suggestions of how you can tribute or contribute.

Suggested costs to adopt

The tribute amount is not set in stone nor are the categories. For example if you wish only to contribute part of the amount in the suggested categories, get in touch with me. Similarly if you have a suggested tribute idea, by all means make the offer to me by email.

How to adopt-a-bill

To  talk to me about adopting a tribute, long or short term, then email me at or visit my contact page.

Gym membership

£25-£30 per month

Mobile phone bill

Up to £50 per month

Property rent

Up to £600 per month

Fetish type sundries

£50-£300 per month

Adding to clothing

£50-£100 per month

Adding to high heel shoes

£30-£50 per month

Adding to high heel boots

£50-£100 per month

Wellbeing and pampering

£20-£80 per month