Therapeutic Consultation Sessions

I offer personal training, therapy, life coaching, education and counselling in the kinky, fetish, sexuality and BDSM genres for people of all ages, lifestyles, experience levels, dispositions and sexuality. 

Living and breathing the BDSM lifestyle for some 17+ years I combine both my skills and interests to support and educate those who visit me. I am a qualified counsellor and life coach in addition to my natural aptitude for helping people.

I have experienced first-hand extreme, long-term emotional trauma, abuse and although young, have lived many lifestyles and different walks of life.

Emphatic by nature I use my own experiences, successes and my skills to listen, understand and resolve the issues presented to me in my sessions with the ultimate goal of enabling people to enjoy being themselves and living a happy, confident, guilt-free life.

I am happy to consider sessions with anyone for all personal problems relating to BDSM, fetishes, sexuality and other related areas. If I feel that another type of service would be more suitable for you I will suggest other services, which may be more appropriate for your personal needs.

Pain As Therapy

Pain releases endorphins which can radically adjust our emotional chemistry, it has even been found to basically reset depression.

Whether you are sexually gratified by pain or are a masochist and whether the idea of being caned is the last thing you are thinking of it is still effective.

This is a chemical adjustment, I myself discovered this many years ago as a slave and since then studies have been made into the matter, it has been proven to change how the recipient feels.

To discuss the use of pain with yourself or if you have questions email me

Strict Client Confidentiality

I keep strict and professional client confidentiality and will never pass on any personal information unless permission has been explicitly given.

My own BDSM journey of self-discovery has been intricate, complex and has covered so many areas, from the most basic and superficial through to personal perception, core beliefs and the profound after-effects of upbringing.

So many people bear heavy and painful burdens, which are not needed. There is no need to live your life feeling guilt, confusion, shame or suppressing your feelings about any subject, everyone deserves to live free from destructive emotions.

I am confident I can encourage, support and advise those with emotional and physiological issues providing, most importantly, commitment is given by you to resolve the presented issues.

Without the will to actively correct your problems no positive results will be obtained.

Email correspondence

£150 for a daily email or up to 30 emails.

Video call

£50 for 60 minutes.

In person

£50 for 60 minutes.