Miss Cameo's Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour

As a Mistress I am a firm believer in recognising excellent service, achievements, and personal growth.

The roll of honour was something I came up with in my original website.

Here you will see those sub’s and slave’s I wish to recognise and for what reason.

To be mentioned on this page you will need to work hard, prove yourself, and make me notice your amazing work be that within your personal growth, service to me, or in session.

Miss Cameo's Current Star Sub's & Slave's

Congratulations boys and girls.

You are my current star sub’s and slave’s.

Alphabetically listed:

Slave Annabel

Sub C

Slave Lazlo

Slave Volui

For her ongoing and beautiful service despite some serious stress and a busy vanilla life, you should all take note of her grace

For managing to let go, relax, and overcome his fear in both his 1st and 2nd ever sessions, despite being frozen in abject terror

For his incredible aptitude and outside the box thinking and ensuring I have everything I need at all times, even when I don’t realise myself!

For his long term and exquisite service, for pampering me and ensuring Mistress’s world is a less stressful place to be