Spanking Sessions

Miss Cameo - Spanking

I am a real stickler for the proper use of fetish terms. By spanking I’m literally referring to hand spanking! Not spanking “with” something.

This is a great activity to gently introduce someone to the wonderful world of CP, spanking and can have its place even in a BDSM scene.

A fair few people think that spanking has to be delivered in role play sessions alone, this is not the case in sessions with me.

Sessions without role play are available in most areas of CP and spanking. These particular groups of play are separated because they are the most common sessions thought of as requiring a role play. Introductions to the kinky world are also offered using light, gentle, or gradual spanking. No need for anything but a willingness to get a stinging, pink or red bottom!

They can also go hand in hand with all CP sessions as a slow, gradual build up before caning or another punishment. 

So whether you seek a formal punishment or, role play scenario, an informal, role free spanking, or perhaps you have never been spanked and want to experience it for the first time – you should book a session with me! 

From the softest, gently delivered first time spankings through to severe, prolonged, blood blistering spankings – I enjoy them all.

Some common spanking types

There are many ways in which you can be spanked. Spanking is an excellent correctional and discipline punishment, though it can be carried out in so many different ways and some of these include, but are not limited to:

OTK (over the knee)

Sensual spanking

Prolonged spanking

Traditional punishment

Wet spanking

Warm up spanking

Domestic discipline

Extreme spanking

Gradual build up

Short sharp shock

Favourite spanking positions

Spanking can be delivered in many positions. Be it a simply spanking scene, a role play scenario, even a BDSM or pure punishment situation here are some of the spanking positions that can be used, but are not limited to:

Over the knee (OTK)

Legs up

Diaper position

Touching toes

Bound over bench

Leg locked OTK

On all fours

Over sofa

Laying on belly

Bending over