Training for couples 
(as published in "Love It" magazine and "The Sun Online" November 2007, read the article below session information!)

Whether you are both submissive, both dominant, unsure of which role to play or simply looking to spice up your relationship I can teach you how to play sensually, safely and imaginatively.

You can visit me together or perhaps alone so your skills will be a welcome surprise for your loved one. I am more than comfortable with males and females.

By what I offer to teach I am not assuming you have no idea of sexuality or how to turn your partner on I am simply giving you options, ideas and solutions to areas you may or may not struggle with or wish to add spice to.

I can help you build your own self-esteem and sexual confidence, desirable, his ultimate fantasy women or perhaps help you with how to speak to your partner erotically, how to start the scene, set the mood and make the first moves. 
I will explain how to choose where you play and what effects different places have on the overall feeling of the scene, how to choose the lighting style to suit your needs, what sort of music to play, how the simplest things such as smell, colour and texture effect sexual arousal.

Dominance and submission is a huge subject and can become a very deep, psychological connection with those who play. I will initially either cover a brief instruction of the simple yet exciting areas of play or a more in depth tutorial of the subjects you request. It might help to take a look at my ideas list to get a feel for what is possible.

Remember BDSM does NOT have to be about pain!
BDSM is not perverted, used only by satanic weirdo's and is not something to be ashamed of needing!
It can be as simple as adding some spice to your sex life or as complicated as giving up your rights as a partner and submitting fully!

As you progress and become more comfortable and competent with your new found skills I can start showing you the other possibilities that we can bring into play. Perhaps add twists to the skills you have already learned with me, I can show you play that is a little more intense or lead on to specialised areas of play such as electric play and bondage.

Anyone who takes the time and effort to learn how to play safely and effectively has my respect immediately. 
BDSM play can be dangerous and you can hurt someone severely by accident so tuition before making mistakes is wise, honourable and admirable.


Whip me baby one more time


Published: 12 Nov 2007 in "Love It" magazine and "The Sun Online".
(the only changes made to this article by me were changing the name the journalist used (Cathy) for me to my real name).

IT'S a cheeky way to help couples enliven their sex lives.

Here journalist Francine Anker has a crack at whipping up a storm in the bedroom.

Waiting nervously for my £120 lesson to begin, my mind drifts to the last bit of whipping I did - after a nostalgic craving for Angel Delight.

“Right, let’s begin,” my teacher Miss Cameo says, pulling out a long shiny black leather whip.

She flicks her wrist, sending a satisfying crack across the room.

“I’m going to teach you how this whip can drive a man wild with passion,” Miss Cameo grins.

“I’ll be single forever,” I mumble, wondering if I have any more Angel Delight left at home.

But female dominatrix known as Miss Cameo, is determined to prove whipping has its place in even the most conventional of bedrooms.

“Many people are curious about how they can use domination in the bedroom,” she explains.

“I deal with everyone, from single women looking to learn some gentle whipping techniques, to businessmen who want me to be in complete control.”

Miss Cameo, 25, has been running her business for the past four years.

“It happened because a lot of my friends asked me how they could use domination with their men,” she explains.

I know from the minute she swings her whip with a feisty swish, I’ll be doing whatever she says.

“These are good for taming, but they can cause some serious damage if you don’t know what you’re doing,” she says, smoothing down her red leather catsuits.

Glancing around the airy loft, I spot my hired ‘bum’ for the afternoon – a perfectly formed man in tight pants.

“I’m Dan,” he says. “You will be gentle, won’t you?”

Miss Cameo whisks Dan on to a wooden whipping bench, lined with leather.

“It’s time to lay down some ground rules,” Miss Cameo explains.

“I have a safe word – angel – which my clients can say at any time if they want me to stop.

“The sensation of being whipped releases endorphins within the brain, which creates a natural high.

“It’s similar to the buzz you get after extreme sports, like skydiving.”

Miss Cameo picks a brown whip with a trail of black leather tails.

“These are called floggers,” she explains, trailing the tails along Dan’s back sexily.

“They’re a sensual tool, and can be during foreplay.”

As she hands me the flogger, I start to get into the role and wonder whether I should have a stage name, too.

But the sight of Dan’s perfect bum is making it hard to think.

I practise flicking in the air, and manage to knock a scented candle off the coffee table.


Next Miss Cameo rifles through her wardrobe of naughty knick-knacks, emerging with a box full of sparkly feathers, fluffy fans and silky blindfolds.

Fastening a black sash around Dan’s face, she snakes a scarlet feather boa down his torso.

“Blindfolding your lover is a great way to spice things up between the sheets,” she instructs.

But it’s not just fans and feather boas that can be a turn-on – Miss Cameo even looks to the kitchen when she wants to get creative.

“Spatulas, turkey-basters and wooden spoons are all great tools for a little gentle spanking” she grins.

As I patter my way down Dan’s back with a plastic spatula, I feel more like an extra on Hell’s Kitchen than a temptress.

“That’s good,” Miss Cameo says, looking surprised. “You’re a natural.”

Although I’m not sure the female dominatrix world is for me, I’ve certainly learned a few saucy tricks to try out in the bedroom.

And as I catch the train home, I finally think of a stage name – Miss Angel Delight.

Now, I wonder whether Dan would like to share a bowl with me on Saturday night?