Session Activities List

I am open to reasonable suggestions in addition to my suggested areas of play. 

Over the years I have tried almost every area of play, some I like, and some I do not.

I will only offer the things I LOVE to do. I have always had a list complied to give you some ides of the kind of play I enjoy! It will explain some ideas of what can within each area of play!

And just to make things perfectly clear I have written a list of what I DO NOT OFFER, both in terms of acts and also the types of play I will not offer as a list at the bottom of the page.

The things I will not do

I do not offer sex or personal services – I do allow hand relief whether by your own hand, or perhaps I will do it if it so pleases me, only I may decide.

I do not offer under-age play or animal contact – the minimum age is 18, ID will be required for the 18-20 year olds who visit.

I will not cause life threatening or serious injury to any part of the body – this includes fracturing or breaking bones.

I will not squash bugs for people to clean from my feet, or step in dog poo for people to clean from my footwear – this includes any living, dangerous or unsanitary things.

I will not feed people things that could be damaging to their health – this includes wet dog food, rotten food, or other things dangerous for ingestion.

I will not do anything detrimental to your mental or physical health, or continue heavy play if I deem it unsafe – this means I do not want to break your body or mind.

I will not allow anything we do in session to effect you in your daily life, unless agreed beforehand – this means discretion and privacy will be maintained above all else.


Anal Play