Role Play Sessions

Role play sessions are something I really enjoy.

Whilst I always remain “myself” I relish taking on the demeanour of the required character, and take great care to make it real, believable, and not easily forgotten.

Whether it is an involved school scene with lessons, homework, and report cards, a high protocol discipline scene, or a light-hearted next door neighbour scenario, I genuinely enjoy the diversity and challenges involved.

Below I have split some areas into categories and explained a little more in depth about their differences.

Formal & High Protocol

Formal and high protocol role play sessions are strict, rigid, cold, harsh scenes generally.

Specific behaviour, reactions, and the use of language appropriate to the role play is an essential base for these sessions that can be scripted to a degree, providing I agree to the basic concept.

Scenes that usually feature formal and high protocol scenarios are, but not limited to: 

Punishment Officer

Judicial Sentencing

Undercover Policewoman

Prison Warden



 Intake Officer

Physical Examinations

Correctional Staff










School Scenes

School scenes are a particular love of mine. Playing Headmistress is one of my most enjoyed roles.

I offer simply the role play scenario – so Head/Teacher dealing with a naughty boy/girl, but I also offer seriously involved high protocol school scenarios too.

Behaviour report cards are one of the things I use in school scenes along with punishment logs, actual school work and lessons, and for some I set homework to be presented upon their next visit. Writing lines is a monotonous and tiring task and I expect perfection with the handwriting, the spacing, and so much more!

Some school scenes have the addition of a points system. Starting with 50 points, you must make it to 100 points, but deductions are made for poor behaviour, incorrect work. Points can be earned too by taking punishments well, good school work, and behaviour. Punishment will be dished out for bad point scoring.

Miss Cameo School Role Play
Miss Cameo School Role Play
Miss Cameo School Role Play

Informal / Loose Scenario

Not everyone wants a rigid, strict role play. Some prefer something more relaxed, light-hearted, something with humour or an easy going feel. These scenes are enjoyed as much as the more scripted types too.

Role play scenes that usually are less formal and can be more relaxed are, but not limited to: 

Female Boss




Girl Next Door


Fed Up Friend

Family Friend

Step Sister


Nasty Neighbour

Sexy Neighbour

Step Mother





Air hostess




Special Scenarios With Extra Interaction

Over the years I have undergone some special role play types. They usually include tasks or regimes that are followed outside of our sessions. Such tasks can be exercise, weight loss, chores around the house, goals that need to be met, and so on.

The sessions themselves are where the regime or tasks are checked, and any discipline given – be that for motivation or correction.

Some scenes that usually feature regimes and tasks are, but not limited to: 

Weight Loss Program

  Punishment Regime

Goal Discipline

Discipline Motivation

Task Completion

Exercise Program

Life Coaching Discipline

Pain For Healing