Role Play Testimonials

This testimonials section is dedicated to all things role play.

Accounts by all those who have visited me for a role play based session!

From school scenes, to domestic scenes, there is literally a role play for everyone with even a slight creative streak.

Imagination is definitely key in this kind of session.

Will these reviews spark your interest in visiting me?

Mr B - School Mistress Role Play

I have a wonderful high from a school scenario cp session with Miss Cameo yesterday. Based on bad French homework (“It may sound like that but it’s not spelt like that. Why do I waste my time with you? Absolutely disgraceful”) she picked up her slipper and gave me a hard painful and well deserved whacking after I had bared my bottom and bent over her settee. I certainly yelped as I rediscovered how painful it is to get a reddened posterior. I must have had fifty or more whacks and they seemed to just keep coming. 

Oh, but that was not all. I foolishly let her see a disgusting picture I had drawn in the homework book. Result? She sent me to the Headmistress for her to deal with it. One glance and the Headmistress was reaching for her cane. No words about artistic merit had any effect. 

Once more I was bent over, reddened bottom bare, as the Head proceeded to stripe her target very skilfully. Taking great care Miss C was going to stop after about 18 but this is my territory and I wanted more. Ok 24. It’s starting to mark now and there’s one or two bleeds. After running repairs I got to 30. “More?” “Let’s try 4 more” I said. “No, no, they come in sixes!”  (Attagirl!). At 36 and still eager for more I persuaded Miss C to go high. Not had it there before – they were laid with care but vivid and painful. 42. 

“Hmm.” said Miss C. “There’s an unmarked gap beneath the top set and it looks rather untidy. Shall we fill it in ?”  So after 48 we called a halt and I still have a superb feeling a day later. Thank you Miss C. Not had sensations like this for a long time. 

Sexy School Mistress Role Play

Having done a huge amount of research I decided to take the plunge and book a half an hour ‘taster’ session with Miss Cameo.

I was looking for a sexy school mistress type role play session and having got some good information (including directions) via email the appointment was made!

The north London premises were easy to find and the door was answered by a pleasant young women who identified herself as Miss Cameo’s slave.

I was subsequently led to the top of the house and the slave departed after remarking cheerfully, “I’ll leave you to get nervous, I know what she is capable of!” Gulp!

Wanting only a mild, sensual CP session this unnerved me a little but when Miss Cameo arrived, wearing an intoxicating tight and revealing, yet smart outfit I was re-assured.

She spent a couple of minutes asking me about the kind of session I desired and I was totally entranced by her wry smile and beautiful appearance.

The tone of the sexy role play session that I was after was just right, absolutely perfect in fact.

I was the naughty head boy and she was the very essence of the strict school mistress come sexual siren.

Very soon I was over her knee and having a very good spanking.

What I liked was that she kept up a nice stream of communication, asking me questions which added to the experience as I was forced to answer “Yes, Miss” and “No, Miss” as she smacked my behind.

Very soon my trousers and underwear had been removed and I was once again lying across Miss Cameo’s knee, this time with her skirt hitched high, so that a certain part of me was kept very warm!

My over the knee spanking went on a good, long time and I had a hot bottom and was also hot in other areas!

However, Miss Cameo could see that I needed calming down and being bent over a chair and having the school cane applied (even quite conservatively) to my bare bottom certainly did that…of sorts

Overall, my trip to Miss Cameo was a revelation and demonstrated that there really is a Domme out there who will listen to your needs and deliver exactly what is required, with a sense of humour and wicked grin.

The bonus is that Miss Cameo is stunning to look at, frighteningly pretty with piercing eyes and a toned, taught figure.

My taster session will certainly lead to more visits!

I hope this review meets your approval Miss Cameo and I am already planning my next, longer visit when I think I need more hands on head time and possibly an authentic six of the best!

CP, Spanking & Role Play

Living in the North – and only occasionally down in London – I always take great care when booking a session when in the south.

An advert in the UKM classified section caught my eye and after a number of responsive and good-humored e-mails I turned up in North London to see Miss Cameo.

I was impressed by the lovely pictures of Miss Cameo on her website, but they really fail to do her proper justice.

Though younger than other women I have seen over the past four years she seems hugely experienced and was able to read my responses and needs during the session better than anyone else I’ve ever seen.

It was even a bit scary the way she got inside my head and seemed to anticipate just when I was reaching my limits with any particular implement.

I would classify myself as having a fairly moderate level of tolerance and Miss Cameo kept her cane strokes up to my limit, but the final few harder strokes that I’d asked for really hit home and gave me a glimpse of what she may be capable of with anyone who is in search of more severe play.

The range of spanking/caning/face sitting activities was everything I’d hoped for and future London visits won’t require to me to look any further than Miss Cameo – when I may be tempted to try some of the more adventurous activities that she lists on her site. 

Out of session she was warm and friendly but don’t let that mislead you ‘cos once the session is under way you’ll be given exactly what you’ve asked for!

Realistic School Scene

This was my first session with Miss Cameo.

I am used to receiving school discipline, and I was pleased to say that the session with Miss Cameo was excellent.

She looked every inch the perfect headmistress, elegant and beautiful as she stood in her school-mistress’ gown.

The lecture she gave me for my various offences was exquisite.

I stood before her desk with my eyes lowered.

She reprimanded me for my misdemeanors in a calm, authoritative fashion, which enhanced my sense of shame and fear as I anticipated the punishment to come.

She criticised me for my untidy uniform and sloppy appearance, and then proceeded to lecture me on why I was not allowed to talk to girls.

I was not permitted to give any excuses for my behaviour.

She constantly addressed me either by my surname or as “boy,” in order to remind me of my lowly status.
Finally the moment for punishment arrived.

I was ordered to remove my blazer and lower my trousers and then to bend over her desk and “present my bottom.” She then proceeded to administer the cane and the paddle and the strap with great force in a highly ritualised fashion.

The pain was extremely intense and I had to concentrate hard in order to be able to endure the punishment.

All the while Miss Cameo continued to lecture me on the error of my ways.

The punishment concluded with me being taken from the schoolroom to the punishment chamber to be strapped down for a judicial caning.

This punishment was administered with maximum force again with great ceremony.

The pain was intense and the marking on my bottom was vivid.

Sitting down since the caning has been a memorable experience!

Miss Cameo has a wonderful appreciation of the ritual nature of school punishments.

It was an utterly realistic experience.