Rewards For Tributing - Amazon Gift Card Incentive

I love receiving gifts, I did not receive many as a child and so even as an adult I still get so excited.

I also believe in giving credit to my subs and slaves when it is due, and being as I like to be a bit different I have come up with a rewards for tributing scheme and monthly prize draw for Amazon gift card tributes!

How it works

When a gift card of the following amounts is tributed you can choose from the following rewards:

  • £100 Personalised POV movie clip of your choice
  • £50 Signed photo of your choice
  • £30 Your choice of movie clip
  • £25 Worn panties/socks/stockings

Any gift cards over £100 may choose any two rewards, and gift cards over £200 may choose from any four rewards.

Prize draw list of prizes

  • 30 minute session with Mistress
  • 30 minute online session
  • 1 week email/text training
  • Take Mistress to dinner
  • Half day filming with Mistress

Where to buy and send to

Click here to buy an Amazon Gift Card directly

Send gift cards to and post on Twitter to @Mistress_Cameo