Remote Control Sessions

Miss Cameo Distance Play

Imagine your entire evening remotely managed by me… You will never know when your phone or email might ping leaving you with a certain dread and excitement as to what it might contain – is it a task and if so is it painful, sensual, trying, all of these things? Is it a behaviour modification? Is it just humiliation or degradation? You will be on edge in fear of but eager for that next contact with me.

For this kind of session all you need is a phone for texting and taking proof imagery of videography, access to email as a back up at least, and yourself!

No experience is needed, don’t worry I will gauge your abilities.

I will have you send a list using your imagination and perhaps some suggestions of what items you may have access to.

These sessions can be from a few hours with no upper limit within reason. I have had incredible fun in an 8 hour session and just as much fun in a 4 hour one.

The tribute is based on the session length and level of contact required.

These sessions are available from 10am – 1am 7 days a week.

I dare you to try one of my special and personal sessions of remote control, all that attention from me? Can you keep me amused as my remote control toy?

Email me at