Regime Programmes with Miss Cameo

Miss Cameo Regimes

Motivation is a tough one, you might have every reason in the world to get fit, lose weight, quit smoking, drinking you name it but it is so hard to will yourself to keep going and in many cases to even start!

With me behind you, it is easier. Especially the fact that I am also a qualified Life Coach as well as a strict, unmerciful woman who wants results!

Each regime is personalised and tailored to your individual needs.

There are many different ways a regime can be set up for example a weight loss and fitness regime can include a D/s element with kinky additions the exercise regime or even a set of BDSM tasks alongside the weight loss and diet regime!

Regimes are a helpful and positive way within which you can set goals and achieve serious changes to your life.

Whether you just need motivating to complete a list of chores you ordinarily procrastinate over or are looking to make serious changes to your lifestyle then I can help.

With the exception of regimes that require me to deliver the CP most regimes can be completed in person or online, I have slaves abroad undergoing regimes!

CP can be used as a way of reminding you why you must complete your list of household jobs that keep getting put off for if the caning you are receiving for motivation hurts just how bad will it be if you don’t succeed! It can, and will, also be used as a punishment or deterrent.

Each regime is different – each of you are different so the best way forward is to email me to discuss your personal needs and we can look at what we can achieve for you.

Just some of the issues that my regimes would be helpful for are:


Weight loss

Self developement

Motivation via CP

Completing chores

Habit changing