Regime Testimonials

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This testimonials section is dedicated to regime reviews.

Regimes mean any regular, specific control of areas such as diet, exercise, even motivation.

Each type of regime is different, each person has different goals or areas of their life to work on.

Punishment is guaranteed for any who fail to meet their target.

What control regime would work for you? Contact me to arrange your lifestyle correction.

Dietary control regime review

When I first came across miss cameos website I was impressed, but being me I explored other dominatrixes websites , only to find myself constantly drawn back to miss cameos, I downloaded a movie and was instantly hooked. People say I’m fussy but to be honest it’s only once in a blue moon that I come across someone whom I am attracted to. I had to meet this lady, But wait, I’m very shy especially in the presence of beauty. But that was ok because I could do e mail training, I’d heard you could do dietary discipline with a dominatrix so I promptly set it up.
I was given a set of instructions, what to eat and when to eat and I had to e mail her every day and inform her of my progress. This was going to be easy or so I thought, by about the third day I was longing for a bar of chocolate so of I went and bought one thinking it would be ok.
I did my usual daily email check in with miss cameo and waited for my reply thinking I would be fine , but omg it wasn’t miss cameo wasn’t happy at all and I was punished , I was told I had to stand in the corner of my room for a certain time , I did so but made the mistake of telling her the next day that I thought it was a bit of a wimpish punishment , Omg what a big mistake that was from then on I was given severe punishments for any tiny mistake I made.
Once I had to put washing pegs on my nipples, insert a butt Plug and spray hot spray on my vagina and sit for 10 mins I tell you the pain was so bad I didn’t make a mistake after that .
Anyway I did loose weight and miss cameo even had me at the gym something I swore I would never do.
I also had to do daily sit ups . I really enjoyed my dietary discipline and recommend it to anyone who wants to loose weight .
Diets and gyms can be tedious but with miss cameo giving praise when deserved and punished when not doing what one is told it can make the act of loosing weight a wonderful experience

I keep in contact with miss cameo via email and am very conscious of the precious time it takes for her to read and reply to my emails so I am always mindful to send her a gift to show my appreciation I hope next year to overcome my shyness and go and see her in the flesh.