Ongoing Slave Training Writings

Mistress Cameo Slave Training

This testimonial section features the writings from those in my service currently. Be they a collared slave, or a slave in training or under consideration – this is what it is like to serve me in an ongoing relationship.

This is how each of them feel about their ongoing training under my strict control and intense training regimes.

When will you also commit the way these subs and slaves have and give yourself over to my control?

Slave Bel - From under consideration to collared slave - February 2019

I started my journey with Miss Cameo back in October last year. I was very proud to impress Mistress so quickly that She choose to collar me on the 10th December in a small ceremony at the Pain Palace.

My journey up and until now has been a little rocky with Mistress, I have not been able to visit as much as i would have wished due to various reasons. Overall though wow what an experience I couldn’t have asked to be being trained by a better more caring Mistress. She has been an absolutely rock for me I struggle with depression and anxiety. It has become so apparent that my love and need to serve Mistress is now forefront of my mind. I have my daily routine and schedule to abide by and then I am set a daily task which can range from writing an article like this to abusing myself for Mistress’s pleasure.

I have very much enjoyed my training to date, Mistress and I have so many amazing plans and She continues to push my boundaries and explore new elements with me. I am still new to a lot of this and Mistress continues to guide me with her full knowledge and I couldn’t thank her enough. She has become my rock, my outlet and someone who I completely admire and worship. 

Not only do I feel like I have finally found my place but I have found a companion that supports me and has my best interests at heart as well

Slave Volui - Collared slave account - Winter 2018

How I met Mistress
Many years ago, when Mistress was slave C to Master El Diablo and Mistress Valkyre, I was chatting to Master El about D/s and had a chat with slave C. She shared a little of her background / lifestyle and I was captivated by her from that moment.

Years later I arranged an online session with slave C who was being trained as a Domme and I suffered at her hands. She did remarkably well considering she hardly knew me and her demeanour and strength appealed to me as well as her videos and pictures.

In 2011 I asked Mistress to train me by email for a month. I added Mistress’ cigarette butts, used panties and wet panties to my collection of toys for her to use. My tasks were daily and very varied, involving lingerie, pain, control and humiliation.

Up until then, I had used online submission for kicks, moving on when I got bored. This never happened with Mistress who used her tasks to purposely train me. I became more and more devoted to her as she intended. I found myself obeying orders I would never had considered before. It culminated in shopping, wearing a bra over my shirt. The comments and looks throughout were extremely embarrassing and I retreated into my mission to press on and to obey my Mistress. I am never mocked or humiliated like this in my vanilla life; it had a lasting impact on meI needed to serve Mistress in person and saved enough money for a couple of hours. Mistress greeted me, helped me relax and discussed what I wanted, (not that I would necessarily get it). It was made very clear who had the power and control.Staying naked in a stress position was followed by boot and foot worship. My bottom was roasted and my balls soundly kicked again and again and again. I was allowed the privilege of giving Mistress a massage. I left very sore, cared for, happy and craving more.

I saved and arranged another session and Mistress used to train another Domme. Mistress demonstrated on my balls and the Domme practiced. Mistress demonstrated needles on my nipples and the Domme practised. It was a great session serving two Mistresses.

Unfortunately after that Mistress had a house fire, the house was then structurally damaged by a car and she became ill. I visited a few times to give support but we lost contact.

Collared Slavery
This year I found Mistress was back online and I contacted her. I immediately wanted to serve and obey her but this time I also wanted to be Mistress’ permanently, exclusively and owned slave; giving up my rights to control my life or serve others, albeit with agreed vanilla constraints. This reflects the profound degree of trust I have in Mistress and my profound craving / deep devotion.

We drew up a contract with boundaries, obligations and a buyout clause, just in case I needed to be released; until then I am Mistress’ slave, she owns me, I am her property, indefinitely. Mistress named me Volui.

I have been collared for 6 weeks now and Mistress is training and moulding me. Mistress established my daily routine which starts with stripping, kneeling, placing two strong clips on my nipples and declaring:
She is Mistress and I am slave. She is owner and I am owned. She commands and I obey.
She is to be pleased and I am to please. Why is this?
Because she is Mistress and I am slave.

I must sit to pee.
I have to administer 24 spanks to each cheek each day.
I am to wear ladies’ underwear every day under my clothes.
I must send a daily diary of activity, thoughts and feelings.
No cumming, pleasuring or pain without permission.
I must avoid sex with wife for the first month.

Mistress gives me other tasks as part of my training as she sees fit.

I am learning to obey Mistress, regardless of my wants and dislikes. I am learning to surrender control. am exposing my inner thought, eelings and desires.

I was granted my first session with Mistress and we talked about many things as I sat naked at her feet. Mistress bound me tightly and proceeded to clip, crop, squeeze, twist and pull my nipples, to such an extent that I could no longer stand.

I serve at Mistress’ pleasure.

She is Mistress and I am her slave Volui.

My slave training - Annabel slave under consideration & in training - Autumn 2018

This is an account of my first month as a sub/slave/girl under consideration for training with the wonderful Mistress Cameo.

The first office day as being an official girl under consider was great i spent the day with Miss Cameo she had me bound and made me into a coffee table and spending the day at her feet i felt so comfortable i felt like i was finally in a place i needed and always wanted to be. I couldn’t have wished for a better introduction i was given my daily protocols to undertake and explained what was to be expected of me i left a happy girl. I become Mistress’s ashtray for the first time a very good experience one that showed how willing i was for Her.

In the coming month i had several tasks i was asked to complete the hardest being one Sunday where Miss Cameo instructed me to not lift my left foot as if it was bound. I earned a lot of punishment points for this. It was incredibly hard but good practice. Then when the morning came of me taking said punishment this was a new experience to me completely. Mistress gave me 12 across my backside then 18 each across my hands and my feet. I was almost in tears i had never experienced such thing but it what worth while. I was also instructed by Mistress to clean her kitchen while she was in a session and the feedback from Mistress was that in 15 years i had impressed her immensely with my cleaning ability. A couple of minor elements but in general I am now trusted to clean Mistress’s kitchen. I was very proud to receive such feedback.

My next visit and most recent was when Mistress introduced me to electrics.

I again got to spend a good day with Mistress, She did my makeup what looked fab and picked my outfit for the day. Mistress then attached pads to my nipples and my cock. Then i was asked to lie down in the centre of the room my ankle and wrist cuffs connected and finally blindfolded. Then i started to slowly feel pulses first in my nipples and then in my cock. Mistress slowly started turning up the pressure and found new settings as she was, i know MIstress was enjoy watching me suffer i was making quite some impress faces according to Mistress. At first once the blindfold was -placed on i was very nervous but over time i settled until Mistress really pushed it and took it up. The hardest one was the real pulsing sharp setting Mistress found. Mistress also introduced other equipment one was a pinwheel but wasn’t sure what else.

It was an experience i enjoyed and i would like to be pushed and taken further i can’t wait to try more under Mistress’s guidance

I have already experienced new activities and can’t wait for more new experiences and having my boundaries pushed even more.