Offers and Promotions

Offers and promotions are sometimes, though not often, available in conjunction with my sessions and bookings.

This page will tell you all the information and details about any that are running.

Please do not try and request further additions to any offer as I will find it rude, I am already trying to make my sessions more accessible for everyone.

I will update as and when any promotions and offers are running! Please pay attention to the running to and from dates to avoid confusion!

Ongoing bulk and regular session booking promotion

As many of you know I much prefer to see people time and time again to build up a good rapport and relationship between us. 

This can be done in a few different ways from simply regular attendances, a set regime for motivation, fitness etc. but also from a tiered and staged agreement.

From my point of view, I love to see you grow as a submissive, slave, or in your achievements in meeting your goals. My diary too enjoys the rhythm of pre-booked sessions allowing all the others to slot around our time together.

I have decided to offer to those of you who enjoy the stability and direction of repeated visits an unusual offer!

Miss Cameo's Offers & Promotions

30 minute sessions

For those who like to visit for 30 minutes every 2 weeks or so (general regime setup):

Pay in advance for 3 months and the total will cost £240 and not £390 – making each appointment £40 and not £65.

60 minute sessions

For those who visit monthly for an hour (all sessions including BDSM):

Pay in advance for 6 months and it will cost £480 and not £750 – making each appointment £80 and not £125.

T's & C's

These are bulk bookings for my domestic venue and are open to all kinds of my sessions – BDSM, CP, role play, regimes, and therapy services.

The suggested frequency is a suggestion, for example you could decide you wanted a 3 hour session which would use 3 of the bookings.

Other variations are available, ask for further details.

I hope you appreciate my offer and we build a beautiful and rewarding exchange together.

Failure to attend incurs the usual cancellation policy i.e. loss of that session, though you may change the appointment two times with 48 hours notice each time minimum.

Book today!

Email me now on to make your enquiries.