October 2018

1st October 2018

I have changed the look of my website and the links to make it easier to navigate.

8th October 2018

Annabel Gray has been taken into my service as a slave in training.

Today was the first day of serving in real life, and we had a great day together.

She spent all her time in bondage, even some time as a coffee table!

Here’s to her earning her full collar under my command.

So everyone, say welcome to the new girl!

15th October 2018

I have changed the way Amazon my wish list is listed.

It is now divided into categories.

Check it out on the wish list page!

20th October 2018

Keep posted to the about me page, I will be publishing it soon!

21st October 2018

I have changed my email address.

It is now:


Update your contact details for me!

22nd October 2018

I have added an reward scheme for those who tribute with an Amazon gift card, plus the the opportunity to win in a monthly prize draw!

Rewards for those who tribute their mistress!

What will you choose as your reward?

Check out how to earn your rewards on the rewards page!

Buy an Amazon gift card directly here.

23rd October 2018

I have carved the first two of my eight pumpkins.

I love Halloween!

Pumpkin carving is so much fun…

Hmm, I could put another spin on that idea…¬†

I do enjoy a bit of cutting, scarification, and blood play.

The origin of Halloween is ancient, discover what you thought you knew about Halloween and where it actually came from here.

29th October 2018

I have carved another two pumpkins! Another four to go!

31st October 2018