29th May 2018

So today I attempted to climb Mount Snowdon in Wales.

Initially we had chosen to follow the Rhyd Ddu path, a lesser known path and rated easy…

Finding this path proved impossible even when compass and map were consulted… 

We picked one of the routes we came across knowing not of its level or length.

The whole day did depend on my back injury but I was dead set on reaching the summit in such beautifully clear weather as previously the visibility was zero once we reached the top.

The path was “interesting” to say the least taking us through forest, over extremely rocky narrow paths, but beautiful every step of the way passing mountain streams and tiny waterfalls.

The struggle was real with my lack of fitness but stubborn as I am I kept putting one foot in front of the other.

We reached a point where the incline was at the least 50% and strewn with boulders. The weather suddenly turned warning of wind and rain. 

No amount of belligerence was getting me further up the mountain at this point, my back was not good, the altitude was effecting every breath. 

So I made the decision to start back down based on safety. If I kept pushing up I would not be able to get back off the mountain safely, mountains require respect and common sense.

I was devastated really, I even sat down and had a cry of frustration as I do not give up easily!

Once over that I got up and limped my way back down the mountain!

A wonderful day, and we aim to hit it again in August!

Once we returned home curiously we searched for the route we had taken. 

And then we found it was actually The South Summit Path.

This path was rated HARD!!!

The worst discovery about this path was at the point I had to give up the summit was just at the top and behind the green, rocky incline.

Now that is frustrating!

20th May 2018

I am now available for dungeon sessions in London!

Sessions are held at The London Dungeon.

Back to my roots as it were! 

Some of you may not be aware but when I started out as a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix I was originally based in Archway, North London and also in Northampton.

Check my sessions page for tributes and further details.

19th May 2018

Today is my 36th birthday! 

I was born on Wednesday May 19th, one of the few times in my life I was late!

Another trip around the sun they say – personally it has been another year of ups, downs, and world domination!

Show me some love, appreciation, or help ease the extra year by checking my wish list page.

It really is the thought that counts.

As a Domina some think that I will be inundated with gifts, some think that their meagre offering will be sneered at, well let me tell you – 

“Assumption makes an ass out of you, and me!”

Let’s celebrate another year ahead with sore bottoms, bound captives, and all those who will be under my tight control!