Maid Training Testimonials

Miss Cameo Maid Training

This testimonial section is for maid training reviews.

Those who have visited and experienced my strict expectations, my insistence for attention to details when carrying out shores, and the punishment that will ensue if I decide anything is at all displeasing.

What type of maid could you be for me? Scullery maid, French maid, a hand maid spoiling and pampering me?

Needless to say I expect perfection.

These accounts will make you feel the urge to serve me perfectly.

Maid Slave S - January 2019 (also in BDSM testimonials)

I have often stumbled Miss Cameo’s website and wondered about organising a trip from London to see her. She presents herself as someone with a vocation for her art with a divine countenance.

In making my appointment, communication was timely and effective so I arrived at her premises in Northampton if not exactly aware of what was about to happen but confident she would take my needs into account.

What followed was a most stimulating two hour session in which Mistress took note of my requests but shaped it according to her interest.

I was dressed in lingerie and a black PVC slip to match her own PVC outfit.

I received a most fulfilling over the knee spanking having been put through my paces in a deportment lesson. I received CBT including electrics and nipple torture, being tied up at the time.

Having carried out a domestic chore satisfactorily I was permitted to worship Miss Cameo’s leather boots. This led to me being honoured with an extraordinary privilege which will remain private, my performance granting my own personal release.

Above all the session was conducted in a calm manner with my actions governed by Miss Cameo’s soft but firm voice.

It exceeded my expectations and I will return if the opportunity arises.

Maid training & punishment session review

I am a young maid being sent to Miss Cameo by my owner for retraining. 

Miss Cameo has been requested by my owner to retrain me and to punish me ruthlessly if I don’t come up to her standards. 

Worse than that, she is to punish me even if I do,  to remind me of my place.  And, well, just because she can.

My first visit was last week.

After she had tidied up my outfit – knickers, blouse, suspenders and stockings she set me to work.

She chose her light but vicious cane at first and as I bent, stooped and toiled she laced my backside with strokes of her cane – sometimes one, sometimes several.  

If she left the room and came back to find her instructions not followed it was worse – knickers down, over the couch and then she sat quickly astride me and lay on four or five sharp strokes.

In the end she had had enough of me and wanted to express her irritation.  

Her dark eyes showed no sympathy for me and nothing but contempt as I cleaned my way up the stairs with her delivering sharp strokes long-ways down my buttocks and biting the top of my thighs, on the way up to the punishment room.

Once there it turned nasty – over the trestle for a good whipping with her long leather single tail. 

Then legs astride as she whipped in some vicious strokes on my soft inner thighs. 

Then over the bench for a sharp caning for moving too much (after a ten minute wait – in position).

Next she stood in front of me as I put my hands on my head and as she looked on impassively I had to suffer a thrashing on my flanks.

Finally – and most scary I was secured on my back to the bed with soft rope – thoroughly tied – and treated to about 15 strokes across the fronts of my poor thighs. 

She towered over me curling the cane down.

Clearly she enjoyed crushing the last of my spirit.

She put me through my paces and I have suffered at her hands. 

All my hindquarters have felt her simmering anger. 

In a week the marks have nearly gone and my next visit looms large. 

She has a heart of darkness and is the undoubted queen of domination. 

Beautiful, young, cruel and stylish.