Maid Training & Sissification

For new or experienced T.V’s, cross dressers, curious fetishists and those who want enforced lessons in femininity!
I will teach you to dress, how to do your hair and how to apply beautiful make up in order to pass as a lady – domestically, publicly and in the boudoir.

I have the perfect skill set for teaching you how move like a female, speak like a female and how to dance erotically and beautifully. From walking, sitting through to how to trip gracefully and recover your composure!
Once you have learned the basics of femininity I will offer you an advanced session on how to behave with men, how to please them visually and physically and of course how to turn them on!

I have make-up to transform you, a selection of underwear and clothes for you to wear (dependant on your size, it is impossible to cover all sizes!).

I love to take shopping trips, only available in London or away from my home town, with those of you who are capable of being a convincing lady.
 Imagine sitting beside me on the tube or searching for the perfect shoes in some of my favourite shops and boutiques then dining with me in a restaurant- the perfect way to end to a girly day shopping!

I am happy for you to bring any of your own clothes and shoes. You may leave your clothes with me, should you not be able to keep them at home. Maybe you’d enjoy knowing I use your clothes as I desire for my other girls… 
But if not I can keep them ready for your sole use in our next session.

Perhaps we can go shopping together to choose your female clothes, underwear and shoes or I offer a pre-session consultation service which includes an image analysis, sizing requirements, hair or wig advice and realistic, temporary and permanent cosmetic nail options taking your lifestyle into account. Please note cosmetic nails are not suitable for very temporary use such as in session only as they are very hard to get back off!

Photo-shoots and make-overs are also a possibility. Just think of you dressed as a sexy female, acting like a sex kitten and having reminders of your exciting day for your own personal use or even to share your transformation with everyone on my website. 

The areas of maid training I offer are, but not limited to:

Domestic chores

Pampering Mistress

Feminisation training

Cross dressing 

Any activity from my site


Household training


Walking in heels

Maid fashion


Hair styling


Behaviour modification

Slave training