January 2018

Happy New year! 

And so I find myself 4-6 years on from where I left off!

I have been AWOL from the scene in its entirety, tried my hand at mundane and even vanilla, but lo and behold I have found myself again, brushed off the dust and jumped back into the world where I belong, where I am meant to be.

It has been an interesting time! I now have a reasonable amount of carpentry skills beneath me!
And so can indeed build my dream dungeon my very self!

I am starting again as myself, Miss Cameo, I am only able to offer domestic discipline sessions as I have not yet given my rather large cellar its new “look”… I have a mere handful of implements… But I am very excited to be at the starting blocks again.

My first session was an absolute blast, and my further sessions set to be awesome!

12 years straight experience, 5 years off, and then back in the saddle!

Who thinks they can handle a session with me?