Latest Updates On Sessions

I do not wish to false advertise so please note that due to my serious illness I have gained weight and have a catheter bag discreetly concealed in a shoulder bag. 

The images throughout the website range from archived photos taken throughout my time as Miss Cameo so 17+ years to images taken within the last few years. I am now a BBW and I have many different looks that I can achieve with the wigs that I now wear. I am working on getting current images taken and put onto the website, do bear with me.

I am offering a full range of online, remote, telephone, text, webcam, and email services and sessions, further information is available from the top drop down menus.

Some real time sessions may be available depending on content. If you are unsure if your enquiry is suitable send the email anyway the worst I can say is sorry, no, not possible.

Mistress Cameo Fallen Angel Studio

My name is Miss Cameo

Enter my world, a place of decadence, where sensation and emotion balance on the very line of pleasure and pain. Where fear and desire conflict with one another deep within your heart. A place where you will find freedom through submission, where you will feel liberated, where you can let go, handing responsibility to me, and where you can escape the rest of the world to concentrate on me and me alone.

You will love me, adore me, fear me, hate me, but you will crave and desire and my attentions, be they cold, cruel, painful, or sensual. You will trust me with your life, and in return, I will mould and train you into my perfect plaything, submissive, or slave. I will show care where required, but I will punish you should you need it, I may simply choose for you to suffer because I can.

I want to hear your reactions – be they laughter, quivering, shaking, crying tears, or simply seeing your eyes go soft with adoration for me. Your reactions are what turn me on and I intend to see them all.

But most of all you will serve me anyway I desire. You will submit yourself in your entirety, with your heart, mind, body, and soul in perfect love and perfect trust.

You may call me Mistress

About Mistress

I have been in the scene for over 16 years, I am both a lifestyle and pro domme. This is who I am, at any and all times, I do not need to assume a role to become Mistress, I am Mistress. Whether you meet me in session, out shopping, or at a fetish event – you will find no difference in my character or personality – I am always myself, Mistress!

I have a particular love of and specialise in, domestic corporal punishment, spanking, OTK, role-play, punishment, and correction sessions. They are very much a passion of mine. My love of what I do is addictive, you will be unable to help yourself from being swept into the moment along with me.

BDSM sessions are something else I adore but are altogether different in both location and mindset. There are only a few areas I do not offer, these are anything to do with anal play, including strap-on, adult babies, watersports, or scat. The rest of BDSM play activities are at my disposal – you can see what these are on my activities list.

Domination does not have to be about pain, marks, or physical punishments!
It can be the most subtle and soft experience, as well as a strict, severe, prolonged, and intense scene.
Domination means different things to everyone, but the one thing that always remains is: it is an art, one I am exquisitely skilled in.

I am celebrated across the globe, incredibly sought after, extremely popular, in fact, I am an infamous Dominatrix, one who has won awards and 5-star ratings. When will you visit me and discover mind-blowing, eye-opening, sensations, and experiences – things you do not yet know exist!

Who can visit me?

There is no need to be submissive or slave to visit me. You do not need any kind of experience.
I am happy to see dominants (for instruction or training), switches (who need to give over their control), submissives, slaves, fetish lovers, kinky people, newcomers and those who are simply curious. Your gender, sexuality, creed or beliefs will not be judged, they have never been, you are free to be safe in your own skin with me.

Can you handle the skill I use wielding my implements? How much will you yield when you prostrate yourself at my feet and beg for any attention I so choose to give?

Do you seek a traditional school, Ma’am, to educate and correct your despicable attitude? 

I know you that you simply yearn for one who can control you, one who can fulfil your innermost needs, and you know that I am the lady you need.

Mistress Cameo Dominatrix