The things I will not do

I do not offer sex or personal services – I do allow hand relief whether by your own hand, or perhaps I will do it if it so pleases me, only I may decide.

I do not offer under-age play or animal contact – the minimum age is 18, ID will be required for the 18-20 year olds who visit.

I will not cause life threatening or serious injury to any part of the body – this includes fracturing or breaking bones.

I will not squash bugs for people to clean from my feet, or step in dog poo for people to clean from my footwear – this includes any living, dangerous or unsanitary things.

I will not feed people things that could be damaging to their health – this includes wet dog food, rotten food, or other things dangerous for ingestion.

I will not do anything detrimental to your mental or physical health, or continue heavy play if I deem it unsafe – this means I do not want to break your body or mind.

I will not allow anything we do in session to affect you in your daily life, unless agreed beforehand – this means discretion and privacy will be maintained above all else.


Anal Play








Important Session Information

To make a booking be sure to contact me in advance to avoid disappointment.

To book an appointment with me 48 hours notice is required for all sessions in any venue. My contact page has the details on how to reach me.

Deposits are required for all sessions and are not refundable following cancellation. I have various ways in which you can pay email me for details.

Check the tributes page for length and tribute details for each venue.

Sessions are available 7 days a week, I can be more flexible with timings within the domestic venue, but do bear in mind that both of the dungeons I use have opening and closing times, these are listed below, along with further information about each venue.

The rules when booking a session

When you book a session with me you will confirm at 8am on the day of the session, or by 8pm the night before for early sessions. This can be by email or text, a call is not essential. 

If you are late for a session I will still finish at the booked time, unless you called/emailed me warning me of your delay in arrival, and only if my schedule allows.

If the session ends early the full tribute is still payable, regardless of the reason.

Do not arrive too early to see me, and do not arrive at all late.

Do not confirm if you have no intention of turning up.

The rules during a session

Obviously I expect everyone who visits me to be polite and courteous.

1. Do not touch yourself or me without permission.

2. If you cum without permission I will end the session. I have to show restraint and self-control to respect your limits so you can do the same by controlling your cock!

3. Never, ever lie to me or be dishonest in any way.

This means you will be 100% honest with me and never hide anything from me.

You will not be punished for telling the truth or being honest. If you have had a bad day, week or month tell me because this could effect our session!

Though also do not tell me what you think I would like to hear because you will not get it right!

4. Do not hide your emotions or reactions whilst we are playing. 

All emotions and reactions are valid be they laughing crying, talking but preferably not screaming or shouting and never swearing.