The rules during a session

Obviously I expect everyone who visits me to be polite and courteous.

1. Do not touch yourself or me without permission.

2. If you cum without permission I will end the session. I have to show restraint and self-control to respect your limits so you can do the same by controlling your cock!

3. Never, ever lie to me or be dishonest in any way.

This means you will be 100% honest with me and never hide anything from me.

You will not be punished for telling the truth or being honest. If you have had a bad day, week or month tell me because this could effect our session!

Though also do not tell me what you think I would like to hear because you will not get it right!

4. Do not hide your emotions or reactions whilst we are playing. 

All emotions and reactions are valid be they laughing crying, talking but preferably not screaming or shouting and never swearing.