Enhanced Email Sessions

Enhanced Email Sessions Miss Cameo

In summary, enhanced email sessions provide a more personal and tailored email session.

In these I will take more control over the you, and you will get a bit more attention from me.

We will exchange more emails with me, and perhaps even chat on-line with me for a few minutes each day.

The enhanced email sessions do carry a slightly higher tribute for these privileges.

Here are just two examples of what enhanced email sessions could include.

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Being ‘On Call’ For Miss Cameo 

You will pay the tribute for, say one week of e-mail training, plus a further amount to compensate Mistress for the extra time involved. 

You will then then have to send a short, two-line e-mail to Mistress, every day, to confirm that you are checking e-mails every day. 

Your training tasks would be sent on days when it was convenient to Mistress, and perhaps not so convenient for the you. 

You will not know on which days you will be summoned to serve Mistress.  Most days there would be no e-mail from Mistress.  Then you might check e-mails, say, on Thursday evening, to find a polite note from Mistress, ordering you to cancel any plans you have for Saturday, and giving you some tasks to do instead. 

You will never know on which day Miss Cameo will pounce. 

You will have to keep checking e-mails, wondering if it might be today, knowing that she is out there somewhere, beautiful, with her sleek black hair, like a puma, waiting to pounce on her prey…… 

Beg For Your Freedom Slave! 

Have you ever wanted to have an e-mail session that didn’t end when the ‘time was up,’ but ended when Mistress decided to let you go? 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your e-mail training went on a bit longer than you had bargained for? 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have to work hard for Mistress, to earn your freedom; to get down on your knees and beg Mistress to let you go?

You can achieve this delicious feeling of being controlled simply by booking a one week e-mail training session with Miss Cameo. 

You will be required to pay the tribute for up to three weeks of e-mail training, in advance. 

Your one week session will then commence.  If you complete all of the tasks that you are given perfectly, and demonstrate the submissive attitude that Mistress is looking for, then you will be allowed to go on time, after one week.  The two weeks not used, will be kept on credit for you, to be used at a future date with Miss Cameo. 

However, if your work, your attitude, or your commitment to your training are not up to Miss Cameo’s high standards, then you may find that, (i) your session is extended until such time that Miss Cameo decides to let you go and (ii) your tasks get harder. 

Your e-mail training will end, as and when Miss Cameo decides that you have learned your lesson.  Any time that is not used will be kept on credit for you, to be used at your next session with Miss Cameo.