Surprises and Changing The Slave’s Schedule

A couple of days later, Mistress has eased up a little and Slave is enjoying more free time. Picture the scene: Slave gets up at a leisurely 9.00 am. His day has been set out for him the previous evening. He has just a couple of simple tasks to do in the morning, and has permission from Miss Cameo to go shopping in the afternoon, and then to spend the evening with a DVD and a bottle of wine. Life is sweet. He checks e-mails first thing (because that is one of the rules) and finds an e-mail from Miss Cameo:

“Good morning Slave, I have been looking back through our e-mail exchanges over the past few days and I am afraid that you do not seem to be making sufficient progress with your training. You have worked well for some of the time, but I think that you could do much better if you really tried hard. To be honest, your performance disappoints me. You have a great deal of potential, but you are just not trying hard enough. I think that you need more discipline, and I am going to provide some of that for you today.

Your shopping trip this afternoon is cancelled and I am putting you back on The Leash, with immediate effect. I think you know the drill. You will reply to this e-mail, and then e-mail me every hour, on the hour, until I agree to let you off The Leash again. This may not be for some time, Slave. You need to put a lot more effort into your training and you need to learn to respond to female authority. I will keep you on The Leash until I see that you really are making an effort.

Instead of going shopping this afternoon, you will be on detention in the library. Immediately after your 2.00 pm e-mail, you will go to the library, find a secluded table and write out 100 times, ‘I must not masturbate while looking at pornographic pictures of ladies bottoms, because this is demeaning to women.’ You will stay in the library for a minimum of 2 hours. If you finish your lines in less time, then keep writing until 2 hours is up. If 2 hours is up and you have not written at least 100 lines, you will stay in the library until you have.

You will not watch any TV or films today. You will not eat any food of any description after 2.00 pm. You will go to bed at 7.30 pm, with no evening meal. That means ‘lights out,’ and no reading or any other activity after 7.30 pm. The next couple of days are going to be hard for you Slave, but we both know that this is the treatment that you need. Your reply to this e-mail will be a very polite and heart-felt letter of thanks. You will thank me for disciplining you. You will also ask me to be very firm with you for the rest of your session. Do this now.”