Keeping The Slave On ‘The Leash’ Part Of Enhanced Email Sessions

When you are put on ‘The Leash,’ the rule is that you must e-mail me every hour, exactly on the hour. If the e-mail has a ‘time sent’ stamp earlier than 1 minute to the hour, or later than 1 minute past the hour, you will be punished, and kept on ‘The Leash’ for a longer period.

You would not be able to fake it, or lie about it. Clearly, I will not reply to every e-mail. However whenever I do check e-mails, the hourly reports, sent perfectly on time would either be there, or not be there. For you there would be no escape!

Every hour, you will have to strip naked, kneel at your computer and type a simple, short e-mail, such as: “Dear Miss Cameo, thank you for dominating me and teaching me to respect female authority. Being kept on The Leash is an important part of my training. We both know that being controlled by you is very good for me. I am naked and kneeling at my computer, to confirm that I totally submit to being controlled by you in this way. Please keep me on The Leash for as long as you like. Respectfully yours, Slave”

This would not take up a huge amount of your time, so you would still be able to do chores, or even have leisure time, but it would effectively keep you tied to the computer for the whole day, nervously looking at the clock to make sure that you send the next e-mail exactly on time. Every hour, you will feel a sharp tug on the Leash, and you will have to kneel down and send another e-mail to me.

Punishment for not reporting in on time, might be a few hours on a ‘shorter leash.’ For example having to e-mail me every 30 minutes, instead of just once every hour!!