Enhanced Email Sessions - Control

Email training and sessions with Miss Cameo

In the enhanced email training – control section you can choose between various methods within which I can control the world you live in away from me.

Areas such as your leisure time, your diet, and how you keep your days filled will be taken over by me.

Can you cope under strict control?


In the enhanced session, I will take more of this sort of control over the your life. 

This might need a bit of planning ahead though, to allow time for the necessary e-mail exchange. It would also require you to be on holiday, or to have a lot of time available each day.

For example, on Monday morning, you will get an e-mail from me, setting your tasks for Tuesday. 
This would give you time to figure out how long the tasks would take and what he would like to do with his leisure time for the rest of that day. You would then e-mail me back, by Monday lunchtime, agreeing to do the tasks, and asking for permission for any leisure activity that you might have planned , not just socialising, but every bit of leisure e.g. going shopping, watching TV, listening to music, reading, etc. I will then decide what you can and cannot be allowed to do on Tuesday, and e-mail back the answer. 

So by Monday evening your day on Tuesday would be planned for you.

Further Control

Further control can be included for example, I could decide what time you are going to get up in the morning, and what time you will be going to bed!

I could ban TV, ban computer games, or all sorts of activities. Equally, I could look through your TV program plan, and decide for you exactly what programmes you will watch! I can even make you watch what I will be watching – “It will be as if you are spending the evening at my feet!” 

I could allow you to watch TV, but ban you from sitting in any of the chairs in your house for a day, so that you have to sit on the floor instead. As an added twist, I could order you to print signs on sheets of A4 paper, in large bold print: “Miss Cameo has forbidden [slaves name] from sitting on this chair.”

Diet Control

I might decide to take control of your diet. For example, I will have you write down every single thing that you eat or drink for the first two days of the session, and send me the list each day. Then I will then step in on day 3, and give you a couple of days, during which I would specify not only what you eat for every meal, but the quantity too. You would be allowed to drink tea, coffee and water in addition to the set menu. All other soft drinks and alcohol would be banned, as would sweets, crisps, chocolate, cakes, puddings and any other snack foods.