Close Supervision Days - Part of Enhanced Email Training Sessions

Some slaves might “enjoy” a couple of days on which they receive ‘Close Supervision’ from me.

For this, the Monday morning e-mail from me would not list any tasks, but would ask you to provide a long list of chores that you need to do, and a rough estimate of how long each one will take. On Monday evening, you will receive an e-mail from me giving you a complete timetable for what you will be doing all day on Tuesday. It would give the time that you would have to get up in the morning, a list of chores, and the start and finish time for each chore.

It could even specify what time you will be allowed to take meal breaks, and tea breaks. If you are lucky, then there might be some ‘free time’ in your schedule. Perhaps the schedule would only cover the day from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. However, if I had decided that you need to learn about discipline and responding to female authority, you might find yourself starting at 7.00 am, and being worked hard all day long and into the evening too! At any point in the day, I will know what chore you should be working on. If the you had chores, or work that you have to get done then you could indicate this: Do you need to spend one hour per day learning to speak Italian? No problem. This can be included. But I will choose at what time you do this work, where you do it, and what you wear while doing it….

On days of ‘Close Supervision,’ you will report every hour on your progress with the timetable of chores. I may not have the time to answer every e-mail, but it would give a nice feel to the ‘Close Supervision’ if you received a reply from me every few hours or so. If you are doing well, you might get some praise, or encouragement. If you are falling behind the schedule, then you would receive an e-mail from me, giving him a punishment task to carry out immediately, and perhaps the threat of something worse if you do not get back on schedule, e.g. in 3 hour’s time.