Chat On-Line With Miss Cameo

In the enhanced e-mail session, you will be given a specific appointment each day (with little or no choice about the time) to have a brief exchange of e-mails with me. I will be online, to reply to your e-mail, I will ask you a few questions, and exchange a few e-mails with you, before sending you off to your next task. I think that the harder-core e-mail slaves will love this personal touch. An example of this sort of exchange might look like this:

Slave: Dear Miss Cameo, I am reporting to you, as instructed, for my performance review.

Miss Cameo: Good evening Slave, are you kneeling, naked and erect, as I told you to be?

Slave: Yes.

Miss Cameo: Good. You have sent me three e-mails today asking for permissions. You have asked me for permission; (1) to have a wank, (2) to eat a chocolate bar and (3) to be let off The Leash tomorrow. Let’s deal with the easy ones first shall we? No you may not have a wank and no, you may not eat any chocolate today. Keep to the menu and quantity chart that I have given you. I think that we need to do some more work on that unsightly male ego of yours. Do you agree Salve?

Slave: Yes Miss Cameo.

Miss Cameo: Good. Then I will introduce you to a new rule for the rest of your session. When you are asking me for permission for something that I have already forbidden, such as this chocolate bar, then you must beg me. I will not consider any such request, until I receive three begging e-mails from you. You will be naked and kneeling as you type each one. You may send them at any time, but there must be at least one hour between each. As soon as I have all three, I will consider your request. I may, or may not grant it. You need to spend more time on your knees, begging your Mistress. This rule will ensure that you do. Now, explain to me why you want me to let you off The Leash tomorrow.

Slave: I find it very difficult sending you e-mails every hour, on the hour. It is very constricting and hard. I had a couple of near misses today, when I got absorbed in what I was doing and forgot to keep watching the time. Please let me off The Leash. I will still work very, very hard at my tasks for you tomorrow and do my utmost to please you.

Miss Cameo: Does The Leash provide good training for slaves who need to learn about discipline and female authority?

Slave: I think that it is a very good training tool, but like all tools must be used correctly and at the right moment. We could perhaps return to using The Leash on me later on in the week.

Miss Cameo: Oh Slave! What a lot of weasel words! If I want you to write me an essay, then I will send you to the library with an essay task. Now give me a straight answer: Yes or no, does The Leash provide good training for slaves who need to learn about discipline and female authority.

Slave: Yes Miss Cameo. It does.

Miss Cameo: Are you a slave who needs to learn more about discipline and female authority?

Slave: Yes Miss Cameo. I am.

Miss Cameo: Good. Then we agree. You are getting exactly the training that you need. You will stay on The Leash, and you will continue to e-mail me every hour, on the hour. Is that clear?

Slave: Yes Miss Cameo.

Miss Cameo: I have to go and deal with my other slaves now. Your schedule says bedtime at 10.30 tonight. You seem tired and a little tense, so I am sending you to bed at 9.30 instead. You will send your first e-mail to me at 07.00 am tomorrow morning, and I will give you your next performance review at 2.00 pm tomorrow. Make sure that you do a good job with the house work tomorrow. I will be asking you questions about it at your review. Good night my Slave.