The Rules For Your Chastity Control Session

Before Your Session Starts

The tribute for Chastity Control is £25 per week.  I usually insist on a minimum length of 4 weeks for a Chastity Control session. 

Your tribute must be paid in full before the session can start.  Contact me at for details on how to pay. 

You will send me a brief e-mail, in which you will tell me how often you usually have sex and masturbate.  Tell me if you are single or in a relationship.  State what length of time gap between orgasms would be;
a.       easy for you,
b.      a challenge for you,
c.       very difficult for you.
It is important that you are honest with me.  Please remember that I do this sort of session a lot.  I know exactly what most men can easily cope with, and what they find difficult.  If I think that you are trying to set ridiculously low targets, I may decide to teach you just how long you can go for without having a wank! 

For an additional tribute, I offer tailor-made Chastity Control as a ‘punishment’ session, or as discipline training for slaves and submissives.  If you would like to confess your bad behaviour (for example eyeing up ladies’ bottoms) in an e-mail, then I will decide what level of punishment to give you, and your Chastity Control session could then include sexual teasing, frequent detentions (writing lines and essays) and other punishment tasks as well as orgasm denial. 
A Chastity Control session can also be linked to your weight loss or fitness programme.  We will agree some realistic and achievable goals for you at the start of the session, and then you will be allowed to wank, if you are making acceptable progress. 

You do not have to wear a chastity device for this session.  I often keep slaves in chastity using just my power as a dominatrix, and their honesty.  However, if you have a chastity device, and you would like to wear it for some, or all of the session, then let me know in your e-mail at the start of the session.  I provide a key-holding service, or alternatively, you can use your own numbered plastic locks, and prove that the device is still in place by sending me a picture, on my request. 

As soon as I have received your tribute, we will agree a start and end date for your Chastity Control session and then your session can begin.

During Your Session

 You will not masturbate, or have any form of sexual pleasure, without my express permission. 

If you feel the need to wank, or would like to have sex, then you will e-mail me and ask politely for my permission.  You will wait until I reply.  Do not assume that I will give you permission. 

You may only ask my permission once per day. 

If I do not give you permission, then you must wait until the following day before asking for my permission again.

Sometimes I will give you permission.  Sometimes I will not.  Perhaps you will only have to wait for one day before your next orgasm.  Perhaps you will have to wait for a long time.  I will decide and you will obey.  Although ‘your’ cock is attached to your body, you will start to learn that I control it now, not you.  Wanking for you is over now.  It is something in your past.  I will now decide when, and if, you get to have an orgasm.  I will give you little treats when I think that you have earned them.  You will soon learn to get down on your knees and beg me for permission to cum.  You are now my little puppet, and you will dance when I pull your strings!  You will learn to control the urges in your groin.  This will be hard for you at first, but after a few weeks, you will become more docile, more submissive and completely used to having your sex life controlled by me.  Welcome to our session, slave. 

If I do give you permission then you may go ahead and have a wank.  I may give you additional instructions, such as what position you will adopt, what you will wear, or at what time you will wank.  I may even specify a start and end time for your little treat!

Whether I give you permission or not, you will reply to my e-mail to thank me politely for giving you the discipline that you need.

Before you send me an e-mail, or read an e-mail from me, you will follow my Chastity Control drill:
a.       Strip naked and kneel at your computer
b.      Go to my website and look at a picture of me
c.       Make yourself erect
Now you are ready to type out your e-mail, or open and read an e-mail from me.  You will follow this drill every single time before sending me an e-mail, or reading one from me.  I enjoy thinking that my slaves are all eager, naked, kneeling and erect, when I deny them permission to have an orgasm!

From time to time, I may give you small punishments, such as kneeling, naked in a corner of the room for 20 minutes, instead of having a wank.  You will carry out all instructions, without question or complaint.  You will then reply to my e-mail to confirm that you have carried out my instructions, and to thank me politely for disciplining you.

Each week, you will send me one short e-mail in which you will describe your feelings and let me know how the session is affecting you.  You will thank me politely for disciplining you and controlling your cock. 

If you are having a tailor-made session, as described above, then you will obey all instructions relevant to this session too.

If you break the rules, and have sex, or masturbate without my permission, then you will e-mail me at once, and confess all.  You should expect a severe punishment. 

E-mail me right now to confirm that you have read and understood these rules.  Remember to strip naked and kneel first!  Tell me that you are now ready for me to take control of your cock.  Thank me for taking the time out of my busy day to dominate you.  You could even ask me to give you the strict discipline that we both know you need. 

 Do you dare to ask me for a strict Chastity Control session, slave?