Edging Testimonials

Have you ever edged to the point of orgasm and stayed at that point? I will keep you there for any time length I choose, even if it is prolonged…

This section gives the accounts of those denied, tormented, and forced to edge themselves for me.

Sub JM May 2019

“Today I attended my third session with Mistress Cameo since she has resumed working in Northampton.

Before attending we exchanged emails and she asked me what I had in mind.

I replied ‘spanking and prolonged edging with an eventual orgasm’ Little did I know she would take me exactly at my word!

When I arrived we chatted for a while whilst I assembled two chastity devices to show her. (This may be the subject of further play in the future).

After that I was instructed to stripped naked and climbed onto of the spanking bench. I had asked for a spanking with ‘implements’ and that was what I received. First a warm up with light paddle followed by 12 spanks delivered with a weighty paddle that was ‘stingy’ followed by 6 of the best with a school cane I had brought. It was just the right size for Mistress. I counted the 12 and the 6 of the best, thanking mistress each time. I really felt the 6 of the best. This was my first ‘serious’ spanking and I was glad when she stopped! (As I look in the mirror now I have the marks, which I asked for – my badge of honour)

After my spanking, I climbed off the bench, knelt on the floor and Mistress Cameo attached a double blindfold to me which immediately intensified my sense of feeling. I was in my own world, feeling and sensing. I was instructed to rub myself but not to cum.  If I got close I could stop but had to maintain holding my straining cock. Mistress had tied a cord around my cock and balls and it proudly strained forward, jerking up and down in a involuntary motion. I was told ‘Any cumming would be punished by a severe spanking!’ After my recent spanking and my glowing bottom I didn’t doubt it this for a minute. Im not sure how long I edged for under the watchful eyes and playful commentary from Mistress Cameo. It felt like forever. Each time I stopped to avoid tipping over the edge she instructed me to continue, but not to cum. I came close to cumming several times, particularly with Mistresses teasing. I managed to hold off until I eventually came over her thigh length black boots, with her permission. After that came the clean up by me.

After I felt energised and relaxed, if a little weak at the knees! 🙂 

It was a great experience. Mistress Cameo has a gift for knowing how to intuitively relate to those she gives discipline to and how to take them a little further each time in their journey of erotic submission. I humbly salute her humanity and skill and recommend her her to anyone who likes this sort of thing. 

I’m looking forward to the next time! Thank you.