Miss Cameo & Sarah Collins DVD's

These titles are available to own on DVD!

£25 each, to purchase email me at mistress@misscameo.co.uk.

The Crying Game

Miss Cameo in The Crying Game

When Miss Cameo discovers her husband had been cheating on her with a young, attractive girl she sets out to make the other female pay.

Once kidnapped, bound and gagged Saffy has no choice but to follow Miss Cameo’s every demand.

A very erotic movie filled with hot girl on girl action, bondage, gags, CP, cropping, spanking, knife play, humiliation, body worship including foot, leg, pussy, ass and breast worship, forced orgasms finally ending with Miss Cameo’s strap-on in Saffy’s tight, wet pussy!

Miss Cameo
Miss Cameo
Miss Cameo

Cameo's Revenge

Miss Cameo in Cameo's Revenge DVD

Having dealt with the slut her husband played around with in “The Crying Game” Miss Cameo turns her attention to the cheating lover of hers. In a similar scenario to his girlfriends torture he also finds himself drugged, bound, unable to see and at the mercy of his wife’s wrath.

This movie features hardcore S&M action, hoods, bondage, punching, kicking, cigarette torture, extreme CP with paddles and canes, ball crushing, heavy CBT, nipple clamps, cock torture, humiliation, knife play, sensory deprivation, erotic tease and denial, physical overpowering and so much more!

Miss Cameo
Miss Cameo
Miss Cameo

Miss Cameo & Tony Short Skirt

Miss Cameo and Tony DVD

Miss Cameo is a lifestyle dominatrix and disciplinarian, born and bred in Hampshire, England. She has the accent of a real lady and is by nature all of the things you would expect from a lady.

She has a stable of slave’s who serve her on a daily level in her personal life and many more who serve her on a professional basis.In this series of films you will see her use her sexuality, voice and skill with devastating effect and see her practising her art of bondage, domination and sadism.

This DVD contains a series of 4 mini movies featuring cross dressing, OTK spanking, stress bondage, semi-suspension bondage, CBT, flogging, cropping, sensory play, pin-wheels, boot worship, paddling, strapping, caning, female domination, male submission and so much more!

Miss Cameo
Miss Cameo
Miss Cameo

The Office

Buy Sarah Collins Spanking & CP DVD

Sarah was starting a new job and was intent on making a good impression, she knew she was young but also knew she had every skill she needed and could learn things quickly. Upon meeting her boss, a male chauvinistic pig, she discovers no matter how much she tries or how well she does her job in the eyes of her boss she is always wrong and to make matters worse he corrects mistakes in a very unusual way… 

Even after the beatings, punishments and humiliation inflicted upon her she keeps trying hard even changing her complete appearance to suit the horrible mans tastes until one day when she finally arrives at the office before him dressed perfectly to his tastes, even her make up and hair is perfect but when her boss arrives he simply fires her! Sarah is devastated initially but after a few moments of thought gets quite annoyed, marches up to her boss and demands he punishes her! Enduring the pain he inflicted upon her had finally manifested as something she now craved and wanted! He is shocked but happily gives her what she wants and hard before finally giving her back her job!

This movie features male domination, female submission, humiliation, punishment, discipline, correction, bastinado, hand punishment, strapping, paddling, wooden paddling, severe caning and so much more!