Miss Cameo - Distance Training

Distance & Online Training

Not everyone can visit me as often as they desire, and some cannot visit me at all through distance issues. 

Just because you cannot serve me in person, it will not stop us playing.

Our communication can be made in various ways using written letters, email, phone, text, and online platforms such as Skype or WhatsApp.

Instructions, tasks and orders will be given with any time limit or other clauses during all remote play.

Completion of any task will require proof, I accept photos, videos, screen shoots and receipts as evidence.

Behaviour modification, attitude adjustment and correction of displeasing conduct are to be expected. 

What are the tributes?


 £20 per each 10 minutes.

Minimum 20 minutes.


£20 per each 10 minutes.

Minimum 20 minutes.


Up to 3 per day. 

1 month £100. 


Up to 3 per day.

1 month £80.


Up to 3 per week. 

1 month £150. 

What else do I need to do?

Tributes need to be paid in full before the booking will be made. 

Visit my contact page to get my payment options from me. 

Discover what items you need on my distance training item list.

You do not need every single item, or only the items listed – be creative, and think of items that will amuse me most!