Miss Cameo Distance Play

Distance & Online Training

Not everyone can visit me as often as they desire, and some cannot visit me at all through distance issues. Just because you cannot serve me in person, it will not stop us playing.

Our communication can be made in various ways using email, phone, or text!

Remote play and sessions have huge variables and possibilities! There really is an option that will work for you and can even be tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Whether you have experience or this is a brand new adventure you will find our remote relationship thrilling, exciting, and exactly what you need.

There are very few areas that are unsuitable for online and remote play; the only difference is your hand is working for my hand – delivered by proxy!

Before we embark on our journey together, we will discuss your needs, what items you may have, any hard limits and the like. Then once the tribute is paid, we go for it. Visit my contact page to get my payment options from me. 

For an idea of what items, you might have in your home, known or not kitchen wise, look at distance training item list. You do not need every single item, or only the items listed – be creative, and think of items that will amuse me most!

For telephone and email/text contact, I will require photo or video proof of the completion of any orders or tasks.

Punishment will be given for failure to comply, displeasing behaviour or attitude.

Below are a few suggestions of types of play that work really well remotely.

Slave training/instruction


Home schooling


Video detention


Smoking fetish

Role plays


Long Term Play/Training Sessions

Ongoing training/play sessions are tailored to each person as per their needs. For example of what can be offered- they could receive: 3 skype video calls a week of 10 minutes each, daily school work/assignments/BDSM tasks/homework , a 15 minute call once a week to talk about how the session is going. The cost of this level program is £50 per week so a total of £200 per month.

Additional calls can be added along with reasonable suggested additions – perhaps you wish to add a chastity element to a homeschooling regime – no problem!

Short Term Play/Training Sessions


15 minutes


30 minutes


60 minutes



15 minutes


30 minutes


60 minutes