Online & Distance Training Testimonials

Miss Cameo - Distance Training

This testimonial section contains some of those who have undergone email, distance, or remote training with me.

From experienced to newcomers to the scene, see what they have to say about the distance training that I offer.

I love remote play – the whole idea exhilarates me.

Making subs/slaves wait on my reply, setting tasks and later watching their video proof, or viewing their photographic proof images.

Will their accounts excite you enough to apply for your distance training?

Skype Session Testimonial - Sub J - December 2018

Miss Cameo is truly a dream come true. She totally understands my fantasies about strict punishment and delivers on them incredibly well. Her cruel beauty may become an obsession. 

Skype Session Email - Sub J - November 2018

Wow! Thank you, Miss Cameo!

That was truly extraordinary! I have never done a Skype session with that level of intensity before.

Greatly looking forward to doing that again with you soon!

Email Training Review

For those who visit a real, live Domina five times a week, and regularly have riding crops broken over their bare buttocks, the idea of e-mail sessions may seem a bit tame.  

However, for the great number of people who have often fantasised, but never actually visited a real Domina, they are a fine place to start. 

Miss Cameo by e-mail is every inch what you would expect from her web site:  Cool, calm and very definitely ‘in charge.’  She is capable of compassion, but will use this when she wants to, rather than when you might want her to.  

She has a significant level of experience as a Domina, but more importantly, she has the intelligence and imagination to use it to take her submissives on a mesmerising journey over a few days of e-mail training.  

She is quick to pick up on signals from a submissive, and quick to read their minds.  

The e-mail sessions have a definite personal touch, which results in tasks being set by Miss Cameo that are a bitter-sweet experience for the submissive.

Did you ever misbehave and get sent to see the headmaster when you were at school?  Do you remember experiencing a dry mouth, butterflies in your stomach and a slight trembling in your legs and hands as you walked down the corridor to his study?  This is what I felt every time I logged in to my e-mail account to check for messages.  

Miss Cameo is a busy lady, and sometimes there was no e-mail from her, and I could heave a sigh of relief.  Then, when I would least expect to hear from her, I would log in and see the dreaded (1) alongside my inbox, indicating that I had one new e-mail.  I would click on the e-mail, with my heart in my mouth, and often gasp out loud as I read my next task.  

Surrendering control to Miss Cameo was two parts dream to three parts nightmare!

She popped my BDSM cherry, and for that I am very grateful. 

Slave J

Here is your review of my email training as I sit here with my ass plugged, cock and balls bound, acrid taste of your cigarettes buts in my mouth, the sweet taste from your golden nectar on my lips, wanking my cock with my left hand and typing with my right.

Miss Cameo is by far the best Mistress I have had the honour of serving since I started ten years ago and I will tell you why.

I have been serving Miss Cameo for 17 days by carrying out tasks she emails daily and she has never failed to excite, motivate and inspire me. Although, I have to admit that I have sometimes let her down by being thoughtless and careless.

Miss Cameo’s discipline has taught me to consider her at all times and to take great care when serving her. She inspires me to do things I could never have done before.

Miss Cameo is truly mesmerising and I crave her attention, often eagerly waiting for hours on my computer to receive my tasks for that day and also her feedback from my previous tasks. It delights me to know that she is pleased with me and it entertains her to hear how I carried out the tasks and also how I felt in the process. In many respects, she has become the focus of my life because I want it to be so. Unlike other dommes, Miss Cameo does not need to threaten, be dominant, cajole or bully. She simply inspires me to please her. However, do not be deceived into thinking that she is only soft and sweet. She also enjoys being cruel, demanding and is full of spice.

My tasks have been tailored for me and cover Pain, Humiliation, Subservience and Emasculation. Each day I have received between 3 and 6 tasks; some are relatively easy to carry out, some extremely challenging, some need dedication, some take planning and organising, some are in private, some in public and all are tailored to fit within my personal circumstances.

Miss Cameo will never do anything which would go outside my hard limit of ‘never allowing my friends and family to find out what I am doing’. I trust her and she is the first domme I have ever given my home address to. She has the power to ruin my life but I know she never will.

The most embarrassing, humiliating and emasculating task, was to wear a bra on the outside and buy items from a store (see photo). The most painful was to twirl two weights from crocodile clips on my nipples, the most tedious was to lick the kitchen floor clean and the most foul was to lick the toilet rim clean. There are many other less demanding tasks and Miss Cameo is stretching me and pushing exactly as I requested. The most pleasurable was to smell her sweet fragrance from her panties which I bought. Truth be told, she did not need to give me that as a task.

I have learnt so much in the process of obeying her and it is through following her tasks exactly that I have learnt more about myself and been able to improve myself.

After a few days of carrying out her tasks, I expected to become bored, as has happened in the past but not with Miss Cameo. Each day has new and interesting tasks which keep me interested and dedicated. She is very experienced but this does not stop her being creative and designing new tasks just for me. She treats me like a person, occasionally shares things with me and is always courteous and polite, but I always know my place is at her feet.

I have 13 more days left to serve her within our original agreement and I cannot wait to see where she leads me and to find out what happens next. I regularly read her website, look at her photographs and watch her videos. She has my heart and my attention.

I hope this review is to your liking Miss Cameo and that you may find it useful if you wanted to show it to others.

Earlier, I took your two cigarette buts covered in ash and sucked them. The acrid taste in my mouth and throat was almost painful and extremely unpleasant. I sat chewing them for ages and was nearly sick a couple of times. I then swallowed them and could taste them constantly.

I then took your pissed in panties and they still had that strange intense overpowering odour about them. I dampened them and sucked your piss from them. I was so pleased to be tasting you at long last. I hope to have more.

I then inserted the medium butt plug and was pleased for a change not to have to split my ass wide open. It took a few pushes to get it inside and it burns as it stretches me. I tied my cock and balls and started to wank (which was not easy) as I typed the above review.

I am looking forward very much to visiting you on Thursday and can’t wait to serve you in person. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Your very eager slave
Slave J