December 2018

It’s that time of year again… I can’t believe I made my “bad Santa” graphic 10 years ago!

I sincerely hope you put something under my tree slave’s…
Or I see trouble ahead for you! 
If you haven’t you need to make a sharp exit to my wish list NOW!

And I bet you’re all wondering what I have in my stocking (s)!

Miss Cameo's D/s Word Of The Day December 2018

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December Session Availability 2018

This year I will be available all through the Christmas period EXCEPT Christmas Day itself!

26th December 2018

6 years ago this day changed my life.

In 2012 on Boxing Day evening my house had a serious fire. A chip pan fire started in the kitchen, I had the flu and the meds made me drowsy. If I had not had also left a bottle of rum on the hob three of us would be dead because ironically we could not hear any of the smoke alarms behind a fire door… It exploded alerting us to the fire.

My two cats, Charlie and Pes, were not so lucky, may they rest in peace.

It took some years to fix my mental and physical health after this, my world caved in, turned inside out and upside down BUT I have come through it stronger, more positive, better than before it happened.

Sometimes you have to break into a thousand pieces to become whole again.

I would not change what happened, except for the cats.

Today in memory of my two beautiful boys I will light a candle and be thankful I came back from the madness and devastation.

So just remember if your whole world implodes, explodes, and falls around your feet – you can rise from the ashes, literally, and be who you are meant to be, whole, happy, wiser, and stronger.

Miss Cameo Northampton Mistress

25th December 2018

Eat, drink, and be merry!

Have a great time during the festive season.

Just try not to eat and drink too, too much, and remember to enjoy the company of those around you for there are many people spending Christmas alone.

Don’t drink and drive, there is never an excuse.

24th December 2018

Fed up with the festivities? 

I have lowered my tribute for one month only, so even if you are feeling the Christmas pinch it is easier to visit me until 24th January 2019! 

December 12th 2018

I have been immortalised in Lego!

An absolutely fabulous Christmas gift! Thank you slave Lazlo.

December 7th 2018

I have added a new email testimonial in the CP & spanking section.

This gentleman had followed me for many years, all the way from when I was Sarah Collins & Slave C!

He was over the moon to finally meet me, and we spent a long part of the session chatting about his journey into the scene, and of course my own. He had been looking forward to talking to me as much as being spanked!

Did you know I enjoy talking sessions as well as play sessions?

Read it here!

December 5th 2018

I have updated some of my wish lists upon the request of my slaves.

December 4th 2018

A slave contributor position has become available! I now have need for a gym membership slave, see adopt-a-bill for details.

December 3rd 2018

I have added the 2nd writing of an absolutely brand new subby boy.

Read about how he is finding his journey into my world, his discovery of BDSM, and how he is progressing – click here to read it!

December 1st 2018

I have added a new online session testimonial – click here to read it!

My traditional naughty Christmas video/music files

Goodwill gesture

I discovered this fantastic idea earlier in the year.

This is something I myself am doing.

I urge as many of you as possible to do the same.

We can make a difference to a family or person in need at a time of year that is difficult, lonely, and damn expensive.

Let’s make someone’s Christmas Day even better.