Daily Tasks

Miss Cameo Daily Tasks

If you find it hard to commit to a full on D/s relationship or time constraints prevent you from sessioning you might find my daily tasks fun and fulfilling!

My tasks feature all manner of BDSM and CP activities, they can be naughty, nice, easy, hard, and sometimes even challenging! Do you have what it takes to amuse me and prove yourself a good sport and a sub/slave capable of following instructions?

Being able to do as you are told no question certainly will show you to be for real and of interest to other dominants! You might even find yourself considered for a place in my stable under my command!

It is quite simple! After paying your tribute for the time frame you wish to play for you will be sent a task every single day that you must complete and provide proof of!

The tribute is £5 per task/day with a minimum of 4 tasks/days booked.

If you choose 7 days the cost is £30 instead of £35.

If you choose 2 weeks the cost is £60 instead of £70.

If you choose 3 weeks the cost is £80 instead of £105.

If you choose 4 weeks the cost is £110 instead of £140.

Tributes are paid upfront by direct bank transfer or PayPal email mistress@misscameo.co.uk for details of both.