CP - Corporal Punishment

Miss Cameo CP - Corporal Punishment

One of my passions and something I am very well known for! I just love the implements, the sound as the swish through the air, and the inevitable thud or crack as it lands across the awaiting victim. The marks are my work of art, though never an essential part of corporal punishment. All levels, types, and implements used in this type of play are as enjoyable as the next for me.

Corporal punishment can be administered as part of a role play scene or indeed without role play. Just like spanking many believe CP has to be within the role play session type. This is not the case with my sessions.

Informal sessions of CP where we can socialise, chat, play and have fun together are more than welcome alongside rigid, high protocol, or punishment scenarios.

CP doesn’t have to leave marks or even need to be painful. I have perfected the techniques of both sensual corporal punishment and also that leaves no marks!
*Please note that for CP which does not mark skin will have to be the right type because the red headed and those with fair or freckled skin are not generally suitable*.

People of all dispositions are welcome for all my sessions. 

Perhaps you are a naughty school pupil, simply a pain fetishist, submissive, slave, simply curious or indeed a brand new kinkster, you should come along and see me! 

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Corporal punishment implements

Tools and implements in CP are wide and varied, often a Mistress’s creativity plays a huge role in the items they have to hand! I have been known to find all kinds of nasty “toys” to wield from rooms such as the kitchen, or office! It is nonsense that you need to spend great deals on toys, equipment, or implements, many can be found in your home if you get creative.

Canes are one implement that you should invest in properly. A normal bamboo garden cane has knots along the length of it, these will pinch the skin causing blood blister type bruises. Blood bruises can take a long time to heal and pinching skin in a cane knot is not an enjoyable kind of pain.

Some of the implements I use for corporal punishment are, but not limited to:


Leather paddle

Hair brush



Riding crop


Wooden spoon


Wooden paddle



Rubber paddle

Leather belt

Ping pong bat

Body areas safe for corporal punishment

Most areas are safe for corporal punishment but there are areas that are dangerous. The base of the spine and the kidney area are the obvious no-go areas for any type of implement. Hands and feet are safe BUT ONLY IF the appropriate implement with sensible force are used.

Safe areas for corporal punishment generally are, but not always limited to:

Bottom – From below the top of the bum cheek crack to the sit spot fold

Inner thigh – All of the inner area, this area does mark badly and heal slowly

Outer thigh – All of the area, this area does mark badly and heal slowly

Front of thigh – All of the area, this area does mark badly and heal slowly

Calves – All of the area, this area does tend to mark badly and heal slowly

Palms of hands – using moderate force – the cane, tawse or appropriate strap

Feet soles – using moderate force – the cane, tawse or appropriate strap

Back – shoulder blades to the lower ribs but before kidney area (a hand width above hips)

Chest – usually floggers or single tailed implements with appropriate force

Genital area – usually floggers, crops, and similar in an appropriate force