CP & Spanking Testimonials

Miss Cameo CP and Spanking

This testimonial section features the reviews of those who visited for spanking and corporal punishment sessions.

Spanking and CP are such great sessions for the scope they give. They can feature so many different implements, scenarios, and scenes.

Imagination is so often the key!

Can their words tempt you into coming to see me too?

PE - September 2019

My visit to Miss Cameo today was the first for a number of years and I regard as a therapy spanking session.

Simply absolutely fantastic the feeling I have before during and after my spanking was something I haven’t felt for years if ever.

Superb Miss I cannot thank you enough I will be back for more therapy and strongly urge anyone else considering such to do without delay.

SL - May 2019 - Email fragment

Just a short note to thank you again for our time yesterday – I was a little nervous as I walked in but you soon put me at ease.

You are very perceptive and have in fact taught me something about myself that even I hadn’t quantified before.

The two biggest elements to this are the anticipation before and the glow afterwards. The bit in between can hurt but the more it hurts, the bigger it makes the other two.

Next time we meet, I will be fully signed up for the 24 in advance…!

VS - February 2019

“I don’t get to visit the UK too often so I make sure to engage in spanking play whenever I can. Suddenly realising I had an opportunity to session the day after I would receive a severe spanking, I reached out to miss Cameo. She was perfectly situated between my two destinations.

She was very understanding that I would be sore on the day and what I was looking for was something akin to a bedtime spanking. Something to reignite the sting that was already there. The booking and arrangements were made without any fuss.

When we met, we chatted a short while and she was genuinely interested in what would make the session better for me. I love being over the knee, and she kept me there throughout. The spanking was perfectly weighted for my condition. It hurt, I squirmed, she held me down, comforted me, and kept spanking with just the right intensity. It’s probably the nicest spanking I’ve ever gotten.

Objectively, the spanking probably wasn’t hard, but I felt her strength and have no problems believing she could have turned my poor bottom red and sore even from a pristine condition. As a spanko I had fun, felt safe and after the session reinvigorated.

Thank you, miss Cameo!

Sub C - March 2019 (2nd session, also in BDSM testimonials)

I have now paid a second visit to the wonderful Mistress Cameo. As previously mentioned I am completely new to submission Mistress is well aware of this. 

For this session I requested an introduction to CP and for over an hour I was strapped to her wonderful spanking bench and experienced so many sensations. Some were obvious such as the hand spanking and the flogger. Others I had no idea of until I saw them later such s the crop and the wooden paddle. All of them combined to put me mentally into a place I have never been before, totally at peace and happy.

Mistress is beyond compare and knowing how much a sub can take and knows too that we subs will be back. In this way she knows that we will build up our tolerance and be able to take more. I, for one, cannot wait for my next session, not just for the sensations and felling but more for the education that I am getting. Thank you Mistress 

Mr D February 2019

I was caned at school, yes I really am that old. It was meant to be a deterrent of course but it was never that for me. From the first time I was sent to the House Mistress for 6 of the best across my trouser covered bottom, I always wanted more and even deliberately made trouble on a couple of occasion just so I could repeat the experience. This need carried over to my university days and into full adult life. Having lived in various parts of the country I have been caned by many ladies over the years, including some well-known names of the art, but only having made my final career move did I find Miss Cameo and I’m so grateful I did.

I first met up with her about 8 or so years ago. I was immediately hooked – so much so that I even explored areas of domination other than CP with her. To be truthful they did not do a lot for me and Mistress I’m sure was well aware of this. It mattered not to her, CP was a speciality of hers anyway and my requirements played right into her hands. The last time I saw her was some 5 years ago and it was very obvious she was not in the best of health although thinking back I’m sure I had sensed this on a couple of earlier visits. Very shortly after my last visit, she ‘disappeared’ from the scene. I could not contact her and I realised my fears must have been right. I often wondered in the intervening years how she was and what she was doing. I then suffered some serious health problems myself and had no sessions with anyone for a while, but on recovery decided to seek out a new disciplinary lady. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I discovered that Miss Cameo had ‘returned’ to the scene.

I had recently upset my lady and readily agreed to take a punishment for my misdemeanour so contact was made with Miss Cameo and a booking made. It was fabulous, as if the 5 years had not occurred. Her ‘new’ premises are easy to find and car parking plentiful. She looked amazing. Dressed as I believe a true disciplinary lady should, very smart, business like, confident, hair tied back, make up immaculate and yet despite all this the message comes clearly through ‘I’m in charge, do not mess with me’. The hint of menace is tangible. We talked for a while swapping medical issues suffered and generally catching up on 5 ‘lost years’. All of a sudden her approach changed –‘I’ve a punishment to administer’ she announced and was instructed to strip completely and within a minute was being very securely strapped to the bench which dominated the room. It’s always at this stage that reality starts talking to you – ‘What are you doing? Why are you here? Don’t be so stupid you know what’s coming’. However, it’s all too late, the die is cast. You become aware that the dragon cane is in her hand and that it’s very soon going to be across your backside. 24 strokes had been decreed as the punishment so all one can do now is make ready, concentrate on the breathing and hold tight. The caning was hard, it hurt, but it’s a punishment so it should hurt and yet you are always aware that you are in very safe hands. You are being punished but in a controlled way. I don’t take as heavy a stroke as I perhaps once could but mistress seems to intuitively know how to cane you to maximum effect and that’s what makes her special. At the end of the 24 strokes a question was asked, I don’t recall what it was or what I replied but it was wrong answer – ‘and that will cost you 6 more strokes’ came the call. I’m sure the question/answer was irrelevant, mistress had judged that I could take a further 6 and I was going to receive that. I suppose if she had felt I could take a further 12/24 or whatever then that’s what it would have been. She got it right. I had on this occasion received enough upon reaching the 30 stroke level. That’s not to say it will be 30 strokes next time, but it was 30 this time. There is no one size to fit all in CP and that’s why Miss Cameo is so brilliant, she just knows how many strokes to deliver and the severity to apply to each of those strokes. A little cream was applied to the marks on my posterior and the obligatory photo of her handiwork was taken. Punishment over, I dressed and left feeling extremely sore but with a massive smile on my face.

Mr G.M January 2019

I always spend ages agonising over exactly what I would like to happen in a session. For me it’s all part of the build up – imagining over and over, a thousand small variations, each one a encapsulating a trigger phrase, an old dream, a new idea …

But I’m always worried that when I contact my disciplinarian, especially if it is my first time with them, they will think I’ve gone over the top, or created a detailed script and am trying to control the session from the bottom.

So it was a huge relief when Miss Cameo replied to my email. “What a wonderful idea – I do like a man who knows what he wants”. Miss Cameo is very accommodating, listening carefully to dreams, desires, likes and dislikes. She works hard to help bring our feverish ideas into reality, and has the skill to do so beautifully.

Immediately prior to the appointment, Miss was busy reading through the chatter on twitter about the imminent session. One of my ‘friends’ was busy telling tales and lying about me to get me into trouble. To be fair, I’d done exactly the same to her only days beforehand, and she had twelve vivid stripes to show for it. Miss Cameo joined in, and so the session effectively started an hour ahead of the appointed time. Promises were made. It was clear I was in serious trouble, and the butterflies increased.

In session, there was a beautiful calm, and I spent the first 30 minutes completing the homework I had not quite managed to finish ahead of the lesson. Real work – I actually learned quite a lot and became quite absorbed in it. She marked what I had done fairly, finding few errors. I wouldn’t say she was impressed, because it wasn’t finished, but I did feel a sense of pride for getting the desserts, countries and seas mostly correct.

Once the work was finished, the punishment I was owed was delivered. Miss is a true expert when it comes to impact play, and judged the level perfectly, immediately finding that point fractionally beyond what I was comfortable with, and having me flinching, gasping and wriggling. Beautiful, vivid stripes appeared (to the huge pleasure of my friend, watching via twitter). A shocking wooden paddle took my breath away when the caning stopped, and I was treated to a dose of an extremely good looking, but unfeasibly large and heavy tawse.

Miss Cameo is an expert. She is alluring, skilled, safe, merciless, and excellent with plasters-and-ointment-aftercare.

It was a great afternoon, and I consider I have gained a friend. One who has left a significant and delicious mark on me … (or should that be ‘marks’… )

Mr J.B. 10th January 2019

Today I visited Miss Cameo for the first time; easily found and a pleasant welcome, after which I found myself sat on her sofa discussing what I wanted from the session.

First thing that struck me was how softly spoken she was; very relaxing voice and helped settle my nerves tremendously.

Once we’d agreed how things would proceed, I found myself firmly strapped down over her bench after which she proceeded to deliver the punishment. A variety of implements were used to great effect, as she somewhat disconcertingly giggles throughout! Clearly enjoying her work! What surprised me was how hard she could spank with her hands alone: I’d never felt a hand spanking quite like it!

Throughout the punishment she was extremely attentive, ensuring marks weren’t becoming problematic, and building the experience quite beautifully. I can honestly say that by the end, I had reached the point where, rather than wanting it to end, I would have willingly taken whatever she wanted to dish out. Unfortunately, though, my bottom had been taken to the point where we’d agreed would be the most marking I could reasonably take.

Can’t recommend Miss Cameo enough. Next time I want to experience some role play and end up on the business end of some of her canes!

Mr P.C.B 8th December 2018

So many different emotions as I left. The result was very calm, peaceful and happy.

First, I hope I wasn’t too familiar. Film stars must be used to this – their fans think they know them because they’ve seen them so many times, but of course they don’t know each other really.

Second, I am very sad that the lovely young woman in the videos was about to experience such nasty things.

The ‘action’ today was dead on. Quite right to keep the level moderate on our first meeting, irrespective of the marks constraint. And I found out about some lovely new sensations!

I’m so impressed with your depth of knowledge and professionalism. Makes me think we could share some slightly darker stuff – I only got half way through my story of CP at school.

Thank you so much for spending time with me today.

All the very best, till next time.

Mr K.J. 12th November 2018

Back to see Miss Cameo this afternoon. This must be my fifth visit to Miss Cameo; Miss Cameo is local for me and probably mid range for price or tribute as I call it now.

I am surprised by the whole experience to date. It is not something I have been aware that I had been interested in previously so it has been a journey of experience for me. I would say to someone now who is interested or curious to find out what it is like or what it is about, just take the plunge. There is some mystique in BDSM and I guess you have to find out for yourself and understand it in a way that suits you.

I was a little under the weather at our last meeting so we agreed not to go on too long and not to be too challenging. Never mind, we will make up for it today. I decided that it was time for me to try being strapped to Miss Cameo’s caning bench today. If you haven’t tried one, this is surprisingly comfortable. I surrendered myself to Miss Cameo as she carefully strapped me to the caning bench.

I’ll leave the details to your imagination but they include warming up with a variety of implements. I particularly enjoy a hard tawseing. Miss Cameo also likes to use a wooden spoon like one you probably have at home in your kitchen. Don’t allow yourself to deceived as I did; Miss Cameo can use her wooden spoon in quite challenging ways. We finished off with one of Miss Cameo’s canes. Six hard strokes in quick succession!

I sometimes ask myself why on earth I would want to experience this. In some ways it doesn’t make sense. What I do know is the soreness and bruising will go down in a few days and then I know that I will want to do it again. I recommend Miss Cameo; she’ll give your arse a beating but I believe that she is also a very knowledgeable and caring Dominatrix. Curious? Give Miss Cameo a call and find out for yourself.

Mr B 12th November 2018

Miss Cameo greeted me at the door in a very striking outfit of black and white which set off her very dark immaculately cut hair and at once all my carefully worked out requests and ideas vanished – leaving me quite incoherent on my desires for the session. Fortunately one of us was still able to think clearly about it and I agreed to her suggestions of a school scene (but not quite in the same way as a tyrannical old Headmistress of mine whose words were more venomous than a cane anyway -Miss Cameo speaks so softly by contrast).

Her striking good looks weren’t the main reason I wanted to visit – I wanted to savour again some of her other striking abilities. For medical reasons I had been deprived for over two years of encounters with a cane and these had featured so much in my life since the millennium. In a brilliant session Miss Cameo had given me the caning I needed and I felt like the summer flowers that are refreshed by a rain storm!

On this occasion, being a true naughty ex-schoolboy I had to report to the Headmistress and I was forced to admit my sins as she uncovered my lies. ‘Please Headmistress , will I have to do lines?’ I asked nervously. ‘No, you will be punished’. Inward gulp. ‘I can handle this’ I thought, ‘I did it last month!’ Fool that I am – things move on – they don’t stand still!

Last time I had quite a gentle hand spanking over her knee to warm me up. Not this time! My bottom was shattered by a serious assault from a wooden paddle. (Oh grief, no need to visit America for that then!).

Every stroke was agony and it was a relief to feel her tawse (which was the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen – a bright warming burnt sienna colour) followed by three dozen strokes slowly given from her dragon cane: each one laid on without fear or favour, counted out and thanked for.

That’s my territory. I can cope with that and love those nice marks. And that beautiful straight line of the paddle decorating my right cheek is bewitching. (But it was agony getting it, oh those poor American kids – I’ve never felt sorry for them before).

But oh dear, now I’ve blown it…. She knows my secret thoughts and is bound to go harder on me from first to last on the next visit. Well I probably deserve it … Anyway – I love it.

Mr P November 2018

Three weeks after you caned me I still have a kaleidoscope of colours from the welts and deep bruising.

While the marks are subsiding, the emotional impact isn’t. By the time you had delivered the first 12 strokes I wanted it to stop. I had never felt such pain, but I had no choice but to suffer the full punishment – the hardest caning I have received to date. It was nothing less than I deserved, and I thank you for that.

Mr B October 2018

Thank you Miss C, the pictures are wonderful!

The session was really good and I feel happy again!

Not being caned for two years has been a big hole in my life but now it’s been filled up again by someone who knows how it should be done.

I did love the sound of every ‘swish’ before the cane struck. It’s so exciting!

Email fragment - Mr R May 2018

Thank you for a wonderful session, really appreciated the effort you put into it , and I have to say that was the hardest hand spanking I ever had!

Silverfox 2018

Met Miss Cameo, lovely lady –  friendly and welcoming, but then the administering of the otk spanking started.

I had to remember to breathe, then the glow started to put me in my place, warmer, then hotter, sweating, well, was this the friendly lady who I had just met? But of course.

I was left with a burning sensation, I was satisfied.

Will I visit again yes and I can honestly say, be careful what you ask for.

Email fragment

First, big big thanks for a brilliant scene!! how good to find a Dom who does exactly 100% as agreed! It was for me exactly as I had written ,and you are exactly as you described yourself -so who can say better than that!! I very much am at ease with your “down-to-earth” style of things! It still hurts so much that today I had to walk around the office like a bow-legged penguin ! ! !

I shall visit you again (if I may?) but obviously not exactly soon!!

My marks are quite simply spectacular! I saw a huge mass of scarlet all over the legs, and inner thighs, with an enormous ring of purple around them!! Then today the scarlet has gone, revealing perfect parallel stripes, but the purple rings are still there!

Sub I

”I find it stressful and difficult to make contact with a new disciplinarian. So much seems to ride on the moment. Will they understand me, will we be compatible, will I be committing to something which is ultimately a let down? Because that’s really important to me.

It means a lot to think I will find someone who gets the little details, who appreciates them, who I can actually submit to, connect with, rather than just find someone who will go through the motions with me…

I had seen Miss Cameo’s website years ago, but was always nervous about contacting her. The main issues I had were that she was so much younger than me, and that she was based in the town where I lived. My habit back then was to travel, maybe an irrational thing, but it was a thing for me.

Well, recently I saw her web presence again, and it turned out that after some time away she was back, so I plucked up the courage  to contact her to discuss a session. 

I was pleased after my initial contact to find that she was happy to exchange some emails, listen to my interests and discuss what ‘makes me tick’.

That initial willingness to discuss things and her enthusiasm for my interests told me all I needed to know and I happily booked my appointment.

The day arrived, I prepared everything and made my way to her premises.

Always nervous upon first meeting, she immediately put me at ease, asked more questions and sounded me out about the things we had previously spoken about, I always value this as it shows a great deal of care for the well being of the submissive. 

Then she began. The details of our time are not important here.

What is important is how she developed the scene. She immediately took control.

She started out with an idea of me and what made me respond, and then constantly re-assesed, developed and tailored our time to get the best out of me.

She read me, worked me out, and then played with me in a very special way.

She built up a dynamic which reduced me to the place I need to be and it was a wonderful experience.

I think that as I was new to her, she slowly built the levels of corporal punishment up, so she could gauge my reactions and get a feel for what I could take.

To me that shows a great deal of care, thoughtfulness and skill. For my part I know that she took me to a point where I would have been willing to take so much more, in reality, anything she decided.

As I have every intention of returning, I am sure she will build on the foundations she has laid and push me further next time, exposing more of my potential.  At all times felt safe, cared for and valued. I left feeling that we really connected, shared a wonderful experience. In reality I cannot hope for anything else.

On a humorous note, I arrived with a gift. A set of paddles, hand-made by myself. Obviously she was going to try them… pretty soon, after six with the first actually, she had me in a place where I expressed the wish that I had just given her the one, not four! 

To conclude I will just say that throughout our time together I had the most wonderful D/s  experience and I am cherishing the marks she made as I write this.

She is the epitome of Dominance.”

Mr X

Just a little note to say thank you for yesterday’s session; just what I needed to keep me sitting uncomfortably for a day or two.

Why is it that when I am over a bench I am completely incapable of putting my thoughts into words?  Your question about why I contacted you prompted the response ‘Because you were available’ when what was going through my head was along the lines of ‘You are known as one of the best Mistresses around with a clearly stated interest in CP and as soon as I saw your ad on ITC indicating your availability this week I knew I wanted to see you rather than anyone else.’

Absolutely delighted I did, though, especially as there are a few delightful stripes visible now. The grazed parts are recovering, but still under dressings and hopefully when they see the light of day there will be even more reminders of the day. I hope you are not feeling too many ill effects.

While I do not think I underestimated your strength, it was still very pleasing to have a session that generated those ouches, groans and wriggling. That heavy holed oak paddle certainly packs a wallop! Most of the other implements, while painful, felt similar to things experienced before, but I have never felt anything like that paddle. Very reassuring to know that there is a Domme with such an implement and the ability and will to use it to good effect.



Cold caning office scene review

I have visited about a dozen Dommes in my time, all of whom have had quite different styles and levels of proficiency.

Never before though, have I met one with such a heady mix of high quality ingredients to make a truly splendid and memorable session as Miss Cameo.

Far from being the out-and-out sadist one sometimes encounters, Miss Cameo’s manner is quiet and dispassionate, yet steely and exacting.

When it was agreed upon arrival that my session would be a straight, hard caning within a simple office-style role play setting, the glint in her eye made it clear to me that she was going to enjoy every minute of it.

Although Miss Cameo is considerably younger than many of the Dommes I have had sessions with previously, her level of experience and expertise far exceeds her years.

Miss Cameo has learned her trade very quickly and thoroughly and her accuracy with the cane is right out of the top drawer.

She found my limit very quickly and then gently encouraged me thereafter to take a step or two beyond it.

Be very assured that Miss Cameo will always look after you and will take every precaution to ensure that your personal safety is effectively maintained. For that reason alone I would have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending her in preference to a great many others whom I have found to be invariably somewhat less considerate.

It is very rare to find a Domme of such a consistently high caliber as Miss Cameo.

She is attractive and stylish, civil and assured.

In session she is enchanting and bewitching, yet resolutely firm and demanding.

Miss Cameo left her mark on me in many more ways than one and I would like to think that one day she might like to do so again.

Judicial style caning review

At 19.58 I pressed the call button.

Just a minute later I was in the room, the caning bench just behind me, a selection of canes on a rack, implements on a bed, Miss Cameo on the bed. She looked cool, in command, in control already.

She discussed my previous experience of severe caning, then the parameters of this my first judicial caning. I was to receive a minimum of 24 strokes to be delivered with full force. I would be fully restrained and my kidney and thighs would be protected in case of a mis-hit. Additional strokes would be delivered if I were to struggle or cry out.

Once I accepted this punishment it would be carried out to completion, there would be no mercy.

I agreed to receive my sentence.

Within minutes I was naked, bound to the bench and just able to see Miss Cameo selecting the dragon cane from the rack.

The blur of the punishment is difficult to describe. The first swish through the air immediately transformed into intense pain as the cane landed.

Within ten seconds Miss Cameo had repeated the stroke several times and I could hardly keep still or quiet, never before had even a no warm up caning hurt with such intensity.

I tried to adjust my breathing to the rhythm of the beating and gradually as the endorphins kicked in the burning pain became almost controllable.

After 27 strokes Miss Cameo asked me if I had repented, my silence drew 3 more strokes.

Now do you repent – Yes I replied.

The bindings were undone; I stood, viewed my welted and bruised backside and began to dress. I had managed my punishment.

Miss Cameo’s eyes were sparkling – she had enjoyed her work. It is 20.45 I am driving home, it hurts.

I have offended again; this punishment will be carried out in January.

I am to receive at least 50 strokes