Contact details

It is easier to book an appointment by email as I am not always available to answer all of my calls because I am so often in session!

If you are trying to enquire if I have any same day appointments then you must phone me as close to 8am as is possible, but do bear in mind I am usually already booked up well in advance.

If I have just missed a call I will send a text message, but will NOT call back  to ensure your privacy is upheld.

Advance bookings may be booked, the usual deposits required still apply.

Before you contact me

Check my website before asking questions about my availability, sessions or services. I have spent a long time compiling this site and almost all questions can be answered without the need of asking me directly.

If you have had no reply for 24 hours

If after 24 hours you have not heard back from me at all try my alternate email address or send me a text message via your phone or WhatsApp here.

When you contact me by email

Include what it is you are looking for, your limits, past experience (if any) and suggest specific dates and times for the appointment. 

Be sure to use paragraphs if you are sending a long email, don’t be lazy and just send a big block of text.

If you have heard nothing from me after 48 hours I may not have received your email so check your junk folder, re-send it, or call me.

When you contact me by phone

Do not call me to get your kicks – If I deem the call to not be genuine I will end it and block further calls from you.

Do not call from a withheld number, I will not answer.
Do not make an appointment you do not intend to keep.
Do not ask me to call you back, I find that very rude.
Do not call me before 8am my phone is on do not disturb.
Do not call after 8pm, send an email instead.