Miss Cameo

Collaring - Be owned by Miss Cameo

To wear my collar is an honour and also an achievement, it means that I have deemed you suitably capable of pleasing, amusing and pleasuring me in any way I see fit.

You must show your devotion and that you are worthy of my collar by attending regular sessions with me over a period of time, sometimes slaves are collared quite quickly if they have shown outstanding progress or potential but sometimes it takes a little while for me to decide if you are suitable.

All subs and slaves have the opportunity to be in my stable of slaves but not all of you will manage to make it! You will have to maintain the level of perfection I demand- be loyal, honest and reliable.

Providing your attitude is good then you may well have good potential to be one of my collared slaves and be used by me for play, filming and attend clubs or public events with me.

I am not interested in time wasters, wannabe’s or those without the intention of learning their submission and training, you will have to work hard constantly to keep your collar once you have earned it.

At the very least you will be required:
To keep in contact with Mistress via email and text message daily.
To carry out all tasks Mistress sets by the time she desires without question.
To ensure Mistress has everything she needs in both her professional and personal life.
To attend fetish clubs and parties as and when Mistress requires.
To not demand the attention of Mistress when she is busy, she will tell you when she has time for you.
To not compete with the other slaves and subs for any reason unless specifically ordered to.
To ask permission to do anything in your social and sexual private life.
To attend as regularly as real life permits.

Collared slaves must pay a monthly tribute of £300 in person, registered mail, or direct bank transfers.

Smaller and larger tributes are permitted, the amount will depend on my slaves personal financial circumstances and will tribute my time and effort taking care of their well-being and ongoing training. I see my collared slaves as part of my family and you will be treated as such. I may have others but our relationship will be unique and special. Your welfare is of the greatest importance to me, in and out of the chambers or dungeon. Your daily life is as important to me as the time you spend with me. It is a complete package of love, support, training, nurturing, caring, discipline, correction, submission and domination when you officially become one of mine and part of my growing family. You will not have only my support but also the support of the other male and female collared slaves, even the slaves in training will be able to make you feel like you belong.

Please note it will effect how much time you get with me if you pay a lower or larger tribute.