Chastity Training Testimonials

Miss Cameo Chastity Training

This testimonial section is all about chastity control.

Read the reviews of those who have suffered denial, chastity control, and chastity training with their cock in control of me.

Perhaps you could manage to go a week in chastity, perhaps I would force you to go a whole month knowing it would be torture for you, especially when I force you to watch porn.

I hope these accounts will temp you to book a chastity regime.

Chastity control session review

I have now experienced something of what it is like to be owned and controlled by a domina over a period of several weeks.  Before the session, I sent Miss Cameo a short e-mail, to let her know what I would find easy and what would be difficult for me.  I then paid for my session by Postal Order.  Miss Cameo is good with anonymity!  A couple of days later, the session started.  Miss Cameo sent me a very simple set of rules that I had to stick to.  The main rule was that I was not allowed to have any sexual pleasure, without asking for her permission first.

This was domination and control of a very different kind.  Masturbation had always been quite a personal and private affair.  Now I had to suffer the humiliation of asking politely for permission to have a wank!  At first Miss Cameo was quite understanding with me.  She eased me gently into my new way of life, allowing me occasional relief.  However, as the session went on, she started to play with me more, making me go for longer and longer each time.  She made me beg for each and every orgasm, and enjoyed teasing and denying me too.

I didn’t wear a chastity device, but I believe that Miss Cameo provides a key-holder service for those that are able to wear one.  In many ways, this made the session harder for me.  It was not easy, being at home alone, with an aching desire in my groin, and nothing to stop me from satisfying it, other than the rules set for me by Miss Cameo.  The pain that I suffered was not physical, like a caning, but the torment was very real.  I had difficulty sleeping sometimes, because I was so desperate to cum, but unable to, because Miss Cameo had forbidden it.  I would definitely recommend a Chastity Control session with Miss Cameo, but do not underestimate the pain of lying awake, writhing with unquenched desire in your own bed, nursing an erection that you have been forbidden to enjoy!  Miss Cameo will own and control your cock in a way that you might find difficult. 

As the weeks went by, I found that I had actually become tamed by Miss Cameo.  I got totally used to asking for permission to have a wank, and being good on the days when she said ‘no.’  Orgasms became pleasant treats that Mistress could give, or withhold, and I became a very controlled and docile slave, eventually accepting my new position. 

I will be visiting Miss Cameo for a live session soon, and I will definitely ask for a few weeks of Chastity Control immediately before my live session, to make sure that I am in the right frame of mind on the day.  Miss Cameo has promised that the first thing she will do in my live session will be to punish me for any misbehaviour during the Chastity Control session.