Miss Cameo chastity mistress

Chastity & Key Holding

I offer a key holding service, enhanced chastity progams, and personalised chastity regimes for both long and short term time spans.

The minimum term is for 4 weeks, short term includes lengths from 1 month and up to 3 months.
Long term would be classed as from 6 months onward with 12 months as a loose upper limit.


Basic keyholding £15 a week, minimum 4 weeks.
This option is just keyholding, there is no interaction other than contact when dealing with release for hygiene or other reasons.

Enhanced chastity £25 click here for details.

Personalised regimes guide price £50 per week (tributes vary based on the regime), minimum 4 weeks.

Chastity control regimes

For a chastity regime with me there are various ways we can do this. You do not have to be able to session with me in person as this service is also available for distance and online training.

But I do also offer an initial session within which I will fit the device, with further options to have you visit me on a regular or semi-regular basis during your ongoing chastity training. The fitting session and following visits are for 30 minutes each. 

Each program will be tailored to you and levels of intereaction or other elements such as daily BDSM tasks can be written into it. The tribute will depend on the agreed contact level and interaction level. 

For example someone books a month chastity control they will receive: three skype video calls a week of ten minutes each, random BDSM tasks sent as and when I wish along with teasing with photos or clips, a 15 minute video/telephone chat once a week to talk about how the chastity feels, and he would have to email every day submitting. If he hopes for release he my beg but it is down to my mercy. The cost of this level program is £50 per week so a total of £200 per month. 

Chastity control requirements

You will be required to purchase you own chastity device for hygiene reasons, but I am happy to assist, give advice, and I am happy for you to have your device shipped to me if you are unable to receive it yourself for personal reasons.

Everyone’s own chastity training is tailored to my desires and their lifestyle.

Enhanced Chastity Control

For those wishing to embark on a more challenging chastity regime or under a more strict, controlling, and formal agreement take a look at the enhanced chastity control option. Click here for the full rules and expectations of this program.

Chastity control types

Distance chastity & key holding

Chronovault locking

Tease and denial whilst locked

Regular real time sessions

Chastity games

Short term

Long term

First time users

Simple key holding

Couples training

Chastity regimes

Financial games

What is a chronovault?

The ChronoVault was designed to enable medium and long term incremental chastity training, and frees you from concerns such as battery life and limited countdown timers.

It’s small, lightweight and portable so the male can take it with him – no excuses.

There are no external fasteners: unauthorised opening involves completely destroying the thick, sturdy outer shell (and most likely the inner mechanism) of the device, something that will require power tools, time, and definitely won’t go unnoticed.

The ChronoVault is made by DreamLover Laboratories – to visit their site click here.