About Me

Anyone who knows me will confirm I am open and honest about myself and my life and how I became Miss Cameo. Some may try and question my “dominance” based on my journey below, but in my opinion being dominant means you can do or say whatever you desire and I desire to show you my own special and unusual journey. 

The path I took taught me so much about who I am and gives me an incredible insight into what it feels like to submit, the intricacies, the tiny and minute complexities, and so aids in how to relate to and control my charges!

Although I am now a celebrated and worshipped Dominatrix my life in the scene started off in quite another way… I was actually a 24/7 slave-girl serving a dominant man and his dominant wife. Without experiencing such a strict and deep slavery I could not have become as skilled, perceptive or as imaginative as I am today. 

I believe all Dominants should know what it is to submit fully and sincerely and also how all their dungeon equipment feels personally – without that you are blind in your assumptions about reactions to pain and not fully connected or in tune to your slaves and subsequently their training and handling.

Before my induction into the scene I had gained much life experience through my many jobs and training.

At school I was already a trained counsellor, which my school used by making me student mentor. A journalist from the T.E.S. spent a day with me reporting on my extra special skills as a counsellor despite being just a student myself. 
After leaving school I had no choice but to enter work because I had no family home or indeed family to support me and my rent required a regular income. 
My decision was to gain as much experience in as many different types of employment as I could so I could then choose which type of work I would dedicate my attentions to. 
From modelling, bar work, high octane sales environments, training sales staff in motivation, NLP and goal achieving to pole dancing, running a drugs and alcohol agency and right the way up to building and running my own business – a letting agency! 
I enjoyed working hard but never was totally fulfilled by any one job. 

I was working as a model and pole dancer when I met Master El Diablo at a Cruella Magazine photo-shoot. 
I had gone along thinking BDSM was faked and that I could look stern for a few pictures only to find it was a video and photo shoot. 
I confessed I was not a dominant rather more a submissive to Master El. 
He thought for just a second and then told me to beat the subs up because he was dominant and I was submissive, so I did! I had an odd feeling that I was meant to serve this new man from the second my eyes met his, I followed my instincts blindly and begged to be his slave… He left the shoot and told his wife about me as stunned as I was. Just days later I was living with them after my girlfriend kicked me out! 
Very quick and highly unusual don’t you think? I was right about him being the man I would spend my life with I just got my own position wrong as you will find out by the end of this text!

We searched for years to try and find another relationship such as ours where the slave truly was just a slave and not also a partner to the male or female top but we found nothing, neither did we find anyone who had lived in this way for the three years we did. 

Sky 1 Dominatrix Reloaded and ITV2 Unlikely Lovers filmed us because of our unusual poly-household. Loaded Magazine also interviewed me about my slavery.

Master El Diablo and Mistress Valkyrie were the couple I served. 

My name was Slave C and this name fast became the most well known slave in Europe and throughout the world. I was renowned for my grace, ability to take even the most extreme whippings simply because Master desired it, my dedicated discipline and ability to do as I was told without question and always with a smile. Master was very proud of me and fiercely protective as people tried to poach, steal and buy me on a daily basis. My alter ego Sarah Collins too was born. Sarah Collins became a well known name within the CP scene, I took some of the hardest punishments ever filmed at CP shoots and also re-launched the RouĂ© brand of DVD’s and website by starring in The English Headmaster Vol. 1. 

During my first year as a slave I was trained as a Pro-Domme, the name I went my professionally back then was Madame C. 

Master and Mistress both played sub to me once each to aid in my training, Master had played a bratty and misbehaving masochist and Mistress a submissive and easy going slave. Much of what I used in session came from what I had felt myself. I worked as Madame C for a year or two before stopping as I was not enjoying my sessions and reused to take payment for sessions my heart was in it. I had also started to find it was causing small problems with my slavery.

I slept most night in the hollow under the stairs which had a cage door attached to it. It was a tiny space and very chilly as the cellar trap door was just in front of my cage! I would be the first up and the last to bed, my only choice was that I could leave any time I chose, which to me was an impossible option!

I did as I was told, as simple as that. I lived to serve. But over the years many things changed, especially me. 

When I became a slave I had lots of emotional problems, which have been fixed, now thanks to the man I called Master. 
3 years passed, I grew, I changed, things at home became different, I basically outgrew my collar and so I gave up being a slave. 
Master and Mistress split up a little while after this due to their own, personal and unrelated reasons! 

And so I became Miss Cameo at the age of 23! First based in Archway, North London and then Northampton where I remain today!

Since becoming Miss Cameo I have taken the world by storm! I have easily stepped in and showed my delight in torture, my enjoyment of all things kink and BDSM and have been raised high and put on a pedestal by those who worship and serve me regularly.