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Take a look at every clip store I am affiliated with! From myself as myself, to me as Slave C and Sarah Collins, through to Master El Diablo and Mistress Valkyrie pushing the preconceived ideas of what is dominant and what is submissive!

If it all gets too much for you, visit my chastity control page and sign up to your program.

Miss Cameo's Clips4Sale Store

All of my movies in one place!

My film clips and full movies are available at  Miss Cameo’s Clip Store.

There will definitely be something that you just have to watch… I challenge you to not find something that makes  your toes curl!

Whether it be watching me dance on a slave, electro play, erotic and sensual foot worship, vicious punishments, even my only anal strap-on movie, you will find almost every fetish covered.

Take a look and discover why you should visit in person.

Slave C/Sarah Collins Clips4Sale Store

Archived footage of me as Slave C and Sarah Collins

As most people know, I started out my journey aged 21. I was called Slave C, but in the CP scene I was known as Sarah Collins. 

My true identity was as a slave, but when playing Sarah all the cheekiness, sharp wit, and brat like retorts flowed with no sign of stopping!

Find out how I took punishment at The Slave C and Sarah Collins Archived Clip Store, and then you will understand some of my expectations for you, how I understand the complexities of submission, and why I force you to strive for perfection – for yourself and for me.

Dominate You Clips4Sale Store

Archived footage of Mistress Valkyrie, Master El Diablo, and Slave C/Sarah Collins

Our joint member site used to be called Dominate You. In time we transferred all the footage over to Clips4Sale for ease of access. Over the years we “played together” dominance and submission were sometimes fluid, but only for the filming. We had so much fun pushing boundaries and peoples view points of us!

The Dominate You Clip Store  features movies of Mistress Valkyrie, Master El Diablo & myself as Slave C / Sarah Collins!

Well worth a browse!